Brian, partner since 1996, husband since 2002. Software guy. No idea what he does but he loves it and gets paid to do what he loves. Excellent father to the kiddos (a better parent than me). I plan on keeping him forever so long as he puts up with me.

Blaise, first born. September 2010. Energetic, LEGO loving kiddo who loves to tell everyone he meets his life story. Awesome big brother to his sisters. Very in touch with his emotions and those of others. Rule-follower and always the first to jump in and help anyone. The golden child. Also known as Blaisey Daisy.

Laine, second born, first girl. July 2011. Silly, funny girl who loves to find the humor in everything. Spunky and confident in everything she says, even if it doesn’t make sense. Obsessed with horses, and pink and purple anything. Needs physical touch and snuggles at every chance. Shadows Blaise yet is her own amazing person when she wants to be. Also known as Lainey Bug.

Saige, third born, second girl. September 2014. Was the easiest baby alive. Didn’t cry until four months and even still, it’s a rare event that she does. Now, a (cute) terror. Thinks she’s five-years-old and keeps up with the older two until she can’t. Everything is awesome to her and each day starts and ends with a smile, and many laughs between. Also known as The Pie.

Vaile, fourth and final (so we thought), third girl. October 2015. Arrived three weeks early and hasn’t missed a beat. Embraces being the baby; expects others to do things for her. And they do, she’s the baby. Loves life and every day is filled with excitment for her, constant action around. It’s good to be the fourth. Also known as Baby… rather, only known as Baby. She doesn’t even know her name is Vaile.

Maive, fifth and final (for real, snip snip), fourth girl. October 2019. Super chill baby, probably because she has to be. Never has alone time; the other four kiddos are obsessed with her. And I can understand why, she is adorable. We are thrilled to have a fifth and do the baby thing again. I didn’t know I wanted another until she arrived.

Rounding out the crew is Melvin, Moose, and Snugs. They’re the four-legged crew members. Rodger and Chip swim in their separate fish tanks.