Last Week in One Post

Last week was busy. Fun busy.

Sunday: Cougar Mountain Hike

We started last week off right with a beautiful hike on Cougar Mountain Sunday. I had the bright idea a few weeks ago that we needed backpacks to carry the kiddos in so we could start hiking. It’s such a great area up here and we’ve yet to fully take advantage of what the outdoors offer. The backpacks came just as the kids came down with hand, foot, and mouth disease (fun stuff). Between temperatures in the low 100s and blisters all over their little bodies we stayed close to home recuperating instead of testing out the new backpacks and my hiking idea. They finally felt better by Sunday and with perfect weather, we recruited our friends Mike and Katherine (who have hiking trail knowledge) to head out and up the mountain with us.

It was a perfect hike to test out carrying 22+ pound kids and our current “we have kids” fitness level; it was indeed perfect. We were on the mountain for close to two hours hiking up and down hills, and ultimately stopping at a huge clay pit to let Blaise out and about. He was all about pointing out rocks on the ground and walking in the small crevasses full of wet clay. Laine enjoyed herself so much she fell asleep midway into the hike and slept until we made it back to the start. We were concerned the Blaise Man would take issue being cooped up in a backpack and fight to hike himself but he wore a smile the whole time and really seemed to enjoy the entire experience. Laine too, awake and asleep. There will definitely be more hiking in our future as summertime approaches and we learn to love our area even more.

View from Cougar Mountain overlooking Lake Sammamish.

Monday: Outside Day

Mondays always have conflicting energies. The good: it’s the start of a new, fresh week; the not so good: the weekend is over and Brian heads back for another week of work. The kiddos are usually tired from the weekend and are coming down from having dad around. Brian was up and out early for a swim at the gym before work so he was gone before the kiddos woke up … which makes for a long day. The weather has been sunny and beautiful so we continued to take advantage of the outdoors by heading down to the Lake Sammamish Trail after breakfast. This has become a standard for us since it’s so easy to walk to, and Blaise loves running around and collecting sticks and rocks. He’s also a huge fan of pointing out birds and every.single.truck that drives by. Laine just chills with a smile on her face in the stroller; whatever brother does she automatically likes, too. The only downfall of our trail adventures is my impression of the strongest man competition when I have to push the double stroller with 52+ pounds of kiddos up the hill (mountain) to get back home.

After naps I was feeling adventurous: I took both kids and both pups to Marymoor Dog Park. I was outnumbered but it was much easier than I had mentally prepared for. Weekdays aren’t nearly as busy as weekends so Blaise was able to get out and run around without the chance of crashing into a dog. Mayah was more than happy Blaise ran around so she could steal his seat in the stroller.

That’s how it mostly went.

Tuesday: Sitter Success

Two kids all week long, every week. I’m extremely thankful I am able to stay home with the kiddos. That said, we’ve decided to have a sitter a few hours a week so I can have a little me time (as in me going to the store without kids, having my teeth cleaned, showering without assistants, etc.). We had never left the kiddos with anyone besides our parents—for less than 24 hours total—in their entire lives so the decision to hire a sitter took some time. And what a great decision it was. She is wonderful; she used to work at a preschool and is currently in a teaching credential program so she is all about kids and learning. The kids love her, we think she is a perfect fit, and we look forward to her spending more time with Blaise and Laine.

Wednesday: New Friends

I broke my napping rule and kept the kiddos up past their nap time to head up north to meet some new friends. We met up at the Seattle Premium Outlets, did a little shopping at Carter’s then had lunch. One table, six highchairs. It’s always fun to meet new people and new friends for the kiddos. And I vow to never keep the kids up past their nap time. Blaise decided not to nap when we got home and ended up going to bed at 6pm … he did sleep straight until 7:15am, waking in the best mood so score for that.

Thursday: Play Date

Thursday was a typical day, including a play date with a little lady friend the same age as Blaise. We headed over to her place for play and lunch. Blaise decided to play more than eat; new toys (and the same toys elsewhere) are always more fun than his at home. Laine gained wood floor crawling and slate stair climbing experience. She also brought her Fourth Dog persona and begged as the little lady host ate lunch. It was another beautiful, sunny day so after we (not Blaise) ate, we headed outside for the bipedal kiddos to get their run on. The running turned into a four hour Blaise nap when we got home.

Friday: We’re Semi-Regulars

The last four weeks another mom friend (who has two close in age to Blaise and Laine) and I have been attempting to become regulars at a local breakfast cafe. We halfway achieved regular status on Friday. As I walked in with Blaise and Laine, before our friends arrived, the host asked, “Two adults and four highchairs, right?” Yes, please! And as he was walking us to the table he said it wasn’t our normal spot but hoped it would be okay. Now, we just need the waitress to remember our orders to fully achieve regular status.

After breakfast we headed over to Bellevue Botanical Gardens to enjoy yet another sunny day and to let the boys run around. The little ladies enjoyed the gardens from their respective strollers. The outing turned into another four hour Blaise nap. I’m thinking Blaise is loving the sun and outdoors, it’s the Californian in him.

Saturday: Outside, Again, With Farm Animals This Time

Brian was busy with his latest hobby today (scuba) so the kiddos and I made plans to head over to Mike and Katherine’s. We had planned on taking out the hiking backpacks again but opted for the double stroller at Farrel-McWhrter Farm Park aka The BEST Park Ever. Farm animals, a large grassy enclosed area, swings, and trails … did I mention BEST Park Ever?! Blaise loved the animals; he’s an animal kind of guy. It was fun to watch him walk up to each enclosure and process which animal he was looking at. Add in the fact that part of the fence was at eye level so he had to squat in order to see the animals: super cute. As much as he admired the horses, goats, pigs, chickens, and cow there was a—wait for it—tractor. Be still his heart! He was sold on this being (yes, again) the best park ever, too. Laine had her eye on the swings so Blaise and Katherine stayed with the animals as Laine, Mike, and I set our sights on the empty swing. Laine loves a good swinging session. She wasn’t the biggest fan of crawling on grass though.

After the park we went to lunch. Sticking with the best of the best, we went to Frankie’s. Then home to a three hour nap for all.

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