Two Kids, One Room

The kiddos share a room. Sort of. Not really.

When one plans on moving back to California and never having children, one may purchase a two-bedroom place. The one in this scenario would be Brian and me. Which means by default the kiddos have to share a room. We knew Lainey Bug would co-sleep with us until she started crawling, and then would be our cue to start them sharing a room … or not.

Laine is a great sleeper, in that she sleeps. She’s picky about how she goes down though. If we’re in the room, we can lay her down and she falls asleep, no questions asked. If we aren’t in the room, she protests. So we’d let her fall asleep on the couch with us in the family room, then transfer her to the crib in their room when we went to bed. This worked great; Blaise was dead asleep and Laine was knocked out … then she started rolling (it *only* took her 9.5 months to figure out she could roll). Couch Sleeping + Rolling Capability = Kiddo on the Floor. Not ideal. We decided it was then time to put them down at the same time in the same room. Sounded like great timing. Not so much. Laine dealt with being put down in the crib awake pretty well. She’d cry a little and would fall asleep. Blaise thought her crying meant she needed blankets. Lots of blankets. When blankets didn’t stop her from crying (now louder since she clearly didn’t want blankets), he thought maybe toys would do the trick. Nope, she didn’t want toys or pillows or pacis thrown on her. After two nights of playing the “What does sister need to go to sleep?” game, we put Laine down alone in the room an hour before Blaise went to bed. Sounded like a great idea. Laine would be asleep when Blaise went to bed, and since Blaise takes sleep as seriously as he takes trucks, it would be fine. Well, he clearly thought she was too cold because even asleep, he thought she needed blankets. Scratch them sharing a room.

Two kids, two rooms. That’s where we are now. Laine is a pro at going to sleep on her own, she even arches her back when we’re holding her to be put down in the Pack ‘n Play. Yep, she’s sleeping in the Pack ‘n Play in our room while Blaise has their room to himself. It’s working well this way and we’ll keep with it until it doesn’t work anymore.

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