Running! 2013 Style.

I starting running again last May, with the goal of completing a race every month starting last June. I signed up for a race each month, and followed through with all but two races. I missed July and November. July, the race was on a Sunday morning and after a long night with the kiddos that ended around 4am, I chose sleep over running (back in our Blaise waking in the night phase). November I went to the race, but I didn’t run. I’m not sure if I broke or sprained two of my right toes the week before but I wasn’t in running form (and the two toes still hurt sometimes).

I haven’t been running as frequently as I’d like; the treadmill just isn’t doing it for me lately. Before when I ran for weight maintenance, it was just for that so I didn’t care where. Now I’m actually enjoying and loving going for runs, especially outside along Lake Sammamish (so beautiful). Eight miles last weekend, a post-kiddo record for me. And for once, I’m actually anxious for daylight savings time so I can start regularly running in the evenings while it’s still light. I have the itch.
Lake Sammamish
My goal again this year is to run and complete a race each month, after taking January and February off. I’ve been planning out my race year, and have started signing up:

March: Lake Sammamish Half Marathon

April: Bellevue 10K/5K (5K for me)

May: Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon/8K (8K for me)

June: Big Backyard 5K

July: See Jane Run Half Marathon/5K (half for me, I think)

August: Too many options! It’s between the Covey Run, Railroad Days, Great Day of Play, or Seattle Marathon 10K. Decisions, decisions.

September: Labor Day Half/4 Mile (half for me, I think)

October: Planning on the Issaquah Salmon Days 10K, which might be the last weekend of September so I’ll call it close enough to October. Poor fishies come home to die.

November: Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot (no information for 2013 yet)

December: 12Ks of Christmas (no information for 2013 yet)

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