Schedule Like a Boss

Four kiddos now. We need a schedule. I used to maintain a rough schedule when we had two kiddos. Things got loosey goosey when I was pregnant with Saige and I was so sick that even lying on the couch was uncomfortable. And then Saige arrived and it was easy to stay home and go with the flow… it’s been almost two years.

Starting a set, detailed scheduled makes sense now. It’s always, “Starting next Monday… next week… next month… when we XYZ.” With Brian on paternity leave, our family complete, and moving into the new house, it’s time to stick with it for the long run. Maintaining our sanity is also a priority (I think we’ve reached our chaos limit). We’re planning on starting early before the new house so there are no more whens or nexts. Time to get crackin’.

Proposed Schedule


Looking at the sucker it seems a bit obsessive. We need obsessive. Weekends will be for spontaneity. Okay then, starting Monday… (haha).

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