It Never Ends

It never ends. Ever. There’s always something. This has become a daily saying around here, almost our motto. Probably also known as adulting.

The it never ends example from this morning: Wake up at 8am (late today, long night). Take Melvin out (Mayah was already up with Brian). Feed Melvin. Take Melvin back out. Give Mayah her geriatric medication. Make kiddos breakfast. Quickly unload and load the dishwasher while Saige was strapped in eating. Help Brian’s mom print something. Wave goodbye as she leaves for the day. Clean up after the kiddos eat. Prepare dinner, crockpot stew (crockpot dinners on Monday because ballet at 4pm). Feed Vaile. Get Vaile a fresh outfit. While getting an outfit, make the beds upstairs. Remember Blaise’s dance pants need to be washed. Rotate laundry. Start a new load with dance pants. Change and dress (a very patient) Vaile. Send Brian off to work. Raise the front blinds so Saige won’t break them waving bye to dad. Take recycling out. Stop Saige from filling up the bathroom sink. Watch wasted water and remember to water plants. Water plants, with assistance. Close up the back of the house, it’s going to be hot today. Remember I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. Or taken my medication. Take my medication. Get sidetracked because Snuggles was scratching the ottoman. Hang jackets and put shoes away scattered on the floor by the ottoman (that Rampage Saige took out this morning). Tell myself to eat breakfast. Notice the refrigerator is fifthly with fingerprints, damn stainless steel. Clean refrigerator. Might as well clean the microwave, oven, and dishwasher since I had the stainless steel wipes out. Remind myself to eat. Get my breakfast supplies out. Saige needed a diaper change. Blaise wanted water. Mayah needed to go out. Help Saige pick up all the crayons she dumped out. Quickly, before Melvin chewed a third. Clean up two chewed crayons. Eat. Finally. Clean up the kitchen. Rally the kiddos to go upstairs. Clean up the family and art rooms while they head upstairs. Pillows back on couch, toys and art supplies from this morning put away. (I like a clean house.) Put the gate at the top of the stairs so Saige is confined. Get toothpaste on their brushes (otherwise it’s EVERYWHERE). Play LEGOs with Blaise and Saige. Watch Laine do trick riding on Ginger (the extremely large play horse). Rotate laundry. Put laundry away. Hold toys in front of Vaile to grab. Notice Mayah is wandering with nowhere to sleep. Grab the dog bed for her. Play ball with Melvin. Make a bottle for Vaile. Wait for Moosie to drink water from the faucet. Feed Vaile while shooing Saige, the bottle thief, away. Put Vaile down for a nap. Dress Saige in zippy sack pjs (as Laine calls them), backwards so she doesn’t strip naked. Because, she does. Put her down to nap in the crib. Play with Blaise a little more because, “Mom, want to play LEGOs with me?” Make a LEGO front loader—on the fly—for his construction site he’s making. Watch more trick riding. Quickly write this to help clear my head and have a moment to myself. Grab a quick shower (and shave legs, pedicure tonight). Cat napper Vaile woke up.

It’s only 11:30am. It. Never. Ends.

One comment

  1. fragedy

    You. Are. Amazing. That is more than I do in a week!

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