We Live In A Beautiful Area

We do. We live in a beautiful area. I’m ashamed to admit that we’ve lived in Carnation almost six months and today was the first time I took the trail toward Tolt River (it won’t be the last).

Last night was a rough night of sleep. And by rough, I mean I slept a total of two hours and nine minutes. I was on baby duty. Vaile technically wakes only once… she eats with closed eyes and then goes back to sleep, followed by tossing and turning and fidgeting for a few hours. This is relatively new and it drives me nuts. I’m a light sleeper and every little move she makes keeps me up. She woke at 2:11am and after feeding her and getting her back down, I tried to fall back asleep. No luck. By 5am, I was frustrated by my lack of sleep. Grumpy, too. Yay, co-sleeping! Haha. I needed fresh air. I harnessed up Melvin and we walked out the front door at 6:02am. (I’m a little obsessed with checking the clock and I remember numbers like no other. Birthdays especially.)

My initial plan was to stick with taking the trail to the 203 and back. I tend to do the same things over and over, keeping a normal. When Melvin and I hit the trail, I decided to spice things up and we headed the other way. It was BEAUTIFUL. Green everywhere. And it was serene, quiet… not a single person in sight. That was one of the first things we noticed 10 years ago when we moved up here, it’s not an up and at ’em early crowd. I love the early mornings. The days I wake early always seem to be the most productive, and my mood is upbeat the rest of the day.

We took the trail just past Tolt River to Remlinger Farms (where the kiddos had their birthday party two years ago, who would have known we be living here?!) before turning around. After walking back over the bridge, we turned toward the 203 walking along the river. We walked under the 203 bridge and back around by Tolt-MacDonald Park, up on the bridge over Snoqualmie River, and then back on the trail leading to the off-leash dog park. Melvin was tired but managed a few full-speed runs around the park when I let him loose. I leashed him up and we made our way home through the back residential streets. I’m so in love with Carnation. And there’s something about small towns. I much prefer the vibe over larger areas.

Now if I can only get up early every morning like I plan to every night… if I can do it on just over two hours of sleep, I have no excuse. My morning jaunt was just under two hours. Two must be my magic number today. Tonight I’m off duty and will sleep well. Absolutely no excuse come 5am!


The trail near our house heading toward Tolt River.


Tree canopy over the trail.


Tolt River from the trail bridge. There is a trail along the right side of the river we walked on toward the 203. Pretty, pretty!


The bridge leading into Carnation on the 203.


The trail leading to Told-MacDonald Park.


More pretty.


Even more. With raindrops on the water.


More pretty. More water. More raindrops.


Green. Really green.


Blue! No, green.


A little pink.


All alone on the trail.


Both trails have great signage. I learned a little.


The pedestrian bridge near the campground going over Snoqualmie River.




Looking toward Tolt Hill from the pedestrian bridge.


Bridge pup. He wasn’t a fan of the slats.


Looking toward Redmond from the pedestrian bridge.


Leaving the green for more green, the dog park, and home.


We have bat houses!


Here’s why.


Green along the hills.


More green along the hills with clouds.


Off-leash Melvin.


Wet off-leash Melvin.


Run, Melvin, run!

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