We officially have been parents for seven years. Blaise hit seven on September 9. Which happened to be a Saturday this year, perfect day for his party. What started out as pushing him to have a home party so we could keep it small and minimal, it ended up being a large party with a ridiculous amount of kiddos. Fun of course, but it overwhelmed Brian and me, and I basically hit my annual socialization limit. Blaise has a great group of friends, and they have great parents. We are super lucky in that department.

It was a Minecraft themed party. Microsoft needs to get on licensing Minecraft for party supplies… they would make a killing. Instead, we found pixel themed party items at a party store in Redmond. The cake was a different story. Perhaps if I had planned better and ordered a cake from a custom baker it would have been fine. Instead, I went with Safeway—where we had success for a birthday cake before—and asked them to make a Minecraft cake, and to take creative liberty since there isn’t an official licensed Minecraft cake. The baker said she had a son who is into Minecraft so she was in the know… yeah, the cake was a disappointment. It was a green cake with an awful tan color for the Happy Birthday, Blaise, that was even written in terrible handwriting. It was bad. Funny bad though. Good thing I had some small Minecraft toys to use on the cake. Blaise was happy with it, and that’s all that mattered.

The party was a success, even with the bad cake, and Blaise was elated. He’s already planning his eighth birthday party.

The party. I should add, it was the first successful piñata in a while. All the kiddos had a turn at hitting the thing. No pictures though.

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