Vaile is two! And she still doesn’t know her name. She’s known as Baby and calls herself Baby… I’m wondering how much longer she’ll be okay with this. Either she’ll fight it soon because she’s a big girl or she’ll be like the chick in Dirty Dancing who is still called Baby as a teenager. Either way, Vaile/Baby circled the sun a second time on October 7.

Her birthday fell on a Saturday this year. Being the fourth birthday since July, we were slackers. Good thing she’s only two and won’t remember. There were no decorations or personalized cake. Heck, her gifts weren’t even wrapped. Sorry, kiddo.

Slacking aside, we spent the morning at the Museum of Flight. Airplanes are kind of a big deal to her. We left the museum around noon for home, naps, and then to celebrate that evening. While she napped, Blaise and I went to Target to get her birthday gifts and to the store to grab a cake. We celebrated that evening and she didn’t even know she was missing out on anything. There was cake, that’s all that mattered to her.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

The birthday girl at the Museum of Flight. And another failed attempt at getting a picture with all four.




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