Driving up north to see the tulips has become an annual tradition. This is the third year the kiddos and I have made the trek, and the first year Brian has joined us. I’m more of a weekday person… crowds aren’t my thing. I first went back in 2006 with Gail when I was up here visiting. Little did I know we’d move up the same weekend she moved back down to California a few weeks later. Memories.

Laine had gymnastics Saturday morning and Blaise had ninja warrior, both classes ending at 10:30am. The little ones and I met Brian and the big kiddos in Woodinville to make to drive to Mount Vernon. It’s a good thing we met at the Target parking lot because Saige had to use the restroom and Laine was hungry. After what felt like about 10 trips in and out of Target, we finally hit the road.

It was a rainy day but the forecast said it would be cloudy around 12pm for about two hours. We made it to the tulips around 12:15pm and the rain slowly stopped. But it didn’t matter. We outfitted the kiddos with their outdoor school clothes. And I’m so happy we did. Mud galore. Like you could mud skate as the kiddos called it. Blaise loved this idea, almost mud skating with the intention of falling. Highly amusing. It was a slippery, sticky mess, and Saige even got her boot stuck in a muddy puddle. Also amusing were the people in their nice shoes… I even saw some flip flops. Poor people, they were a muddy mess.

After getting our mud on in the flower fields, we grabbed a picnic table to eat lunch. We’ve been on it lately. When we go somewhere with all six of us, we pack lunches. It gets expensive to eat out… especially at places where they know they are the only option and charge about $50 for a burger. Like with any other meal, there were complaints. Laine—who will only eat oatmeal for school lunches—didn’t want to eat her oatmeal. She said she only eats oatmeal at school. Turns out she had her eye on the $50 hot dog… she never eats hot dogs. Saige barely ate anything because she had been sick the day before and wasn’t fully herself. Baby only wanted to eat snacks. And Blaise was eating fine until Saige wanted to go play in the little house so he took off mid-meal. It’s always a good time dealing with kids and food. And by good time, I mean super annoying.

The kiddos played in the little house for a bit before we decided to head to the car. It had started raining again and Saige wasn’t feeling so great. Which is why she strollered it most of the day. We stopped in the overpriced store to buy a few postcards before strolling through the gardens to the exit. It was a nice, rainy, muddy outing. We left RoozenGaarde to drive around to see more fields and check out La Conner before driving home with everyone else on the 5.

The drive home wasn’t so hot. I hit my limit with kiddos and was moody. Hearing, Well, I’m hungry every five minutes after they chose not to eat, and listening to them argue over which movie to watch while we sat in traffic drove me nuts. I didn’t mom when I got home; I left that to Brian. I was kiddo’d out… and likely part of the reason I slept 13 hours that night. But all in all, it was a nice family outing.

And now, for pictures galore:

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