Kayak Point

Kayak Point has become an annual tradition. If two years in a row counts as a tradition. What a beautiful place. It’s not far from home, a little over an hour north. It’s on Susan Point, part of the Sound, overlooking Camano Island.

Last year we went in late September. We drove up Friday night and arrived after dark, with just enough time to unpack, make a campfire, and have s’mores. This year we went the first weekend in August, and decided to drive up Saturday morning. It worked out well. We didn’t feel rushed to get there. And once we arrived, we were able to get right into the swing of things.

We stay in the Yurt Village, part of the State Park campground. It’s a perfect place to stay with kiddos. There are about nine yurts in the village, complete with a communal picnic area. And there is the most perfect climbing tree. We discovered it last year. The kiddos remembered and were on it right away.

Saturday was spent hanging between the Yurt Village and the beach, where there is also a playground. There is a walking trail from the yurts to the beach. At the beach, the kiddos played in the driftwood; at the Yurt Village, they played with balls our friends brought and climbed the tree.

Brian was on for dinner Saturday night, making veggie burgers for all of us. Because we drove up Saturday morning, it made meals super easy. We ate breakfast at home, packed lunch, brought dinner supplies, and our friends were on for Sunday breakfast. We didn’t have to bring much. Even sleeping supplies were pretty straight-forward. Because it was August, we didn’t need more than a sleeping bag and pillow each. Easy peasy. And I’m amazed how well we all slept. We called it a night about 9:30pm Saturday, went straight to bed, and slept until past 7am Sunday.

Sunday morning was lazy, a perfect start to the day. We all stayed close to the yurt village before we ate breakfast. Then we packed up and checked out before heading down to the beach to enjoy the last few hours before heading home.

It was a fun, quick weekend getaway with friends. These are the memories I hope the kiddos remember when they’re older… not the latest and greatest toys they play with.




Until next year…

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