Baby is four! She’s still Baby or Big Baby as she calls herself now that New Baby is here. We had a super low-key birthday for her. Not even a party. We had planned on going to Great Wolf Lodge—even had reservations—but being super pregnant and we had some kiddos with fevers so we skipped going. Baby didn’t seem to mind. She was super excited to turn four. Especially being the last birthday of the bunch, and seeing all the excitement from the other kiddos when their birthdays happened.

Baby is all about Frozen. Yay. I am so not a fan of anything Disney, let alone one to ever buy Disney stuff (Star Wars stuff excluded). But I took one for the team and gave in to buying Frozen stuff. It’s what she likes. But only clothes, no Frozen toys. I even made cupcakes with Frozen wrappers. Ugh, I can’t stand using my kiddos as marketing devices for a company that I don’t like one bit.

The happy four-year-old opening presents and blowing out her cupcake candle. I think this may be the last year I can get away with a minimal celebration for this one.

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