November Twenty Nineteen

November was mostly about getting into the swing of having Maive and also having Brian home. Brian gets 12 weeks of paternity leave. Such a fabulous benefit. He’s still home, and it’s mid-January… I’m still playing catch up on this sucker.

Let’s get right to pictures.

Maive collage. We take of this little gal. It is so much fun having a baby again! She’s anywhere from a few days old to four weeks in these pictures.

Muddy Baby. After school, killing time before ninja. Baby was muddy from a good day! I love outdoor school. It’s so much better than being stuck inside a classroom.

Snowboarders. Brian took Blaise and Laine to the ski swap to buy gear for the snow season. They decided to switch to snowboarding this year. They walked away with complete boards and boots for both, for just over $300. Not too shabby. Blaise and his ridiculous faces, haha.

Cracker eyes. Just Baby and Saige being silly.

Burger Blaise. I had Blaise out on a date, but I cannot for the life of me remember where we went after Red Robin. Except this is McDonald’s as Brian pointed out. I don’t even remember going to McDonald’s.

Movie time. It was Laine’s friend’s birthday week. Laine wanted to take her to see a movie. We went to iPic to see Maleficent, and we had the entire theater to ourselves. We ordered dinner and enjoyed the movie all by ourselves.

Team night. I swear we spend more time at the gym than we do anywhere other than home. Aside from all the weekly classes and team practices out kiddos take, Blaise and Laine were at ninja night the Saturday before, and this Saturday below was a team night for Laine. They had all the team girls come for a movie and ice cream. They run a great program, by great people.

Postpartum nesting. I didn’t do any nesting while I was pregnant. It all came after, in the month of November. I had the inside of the house painted… the builder used such cheap paint that anytime a kiddo touched the walls, it left a mark. And kids touch walls. I bought a globe; new shower curtain, mat and towels for the kiddos; some new art; sheep, cow, and yak ottomans; a console table; storage baskets; new tables and chairs for the art room, Blaise wanted the old tables and chairs in his room; I finally got Brian’s map framed and up on the wall; new bedding for us; new bed pillows for the kiddos; more victims (aka, plants); rooster pitcher, because why not?; fruit basket… all random things.

And under the nesting umbrella, a new washer and dryer. Our washer broke. It still worked but wasn’t agitating. This happened last year and I paid a repair man to fix it, to the tune of $200. The washer was only about $400 so I wasn’t going to pay to have it fixed again, worried it may break yet again. So I bought a new washer. Brian said I may as well get a new dryer to match, so I did.

Pottery kiddos. The big kiddos’ school up the street has a PTSA that puts on events. Pottery night is one of these events. Brian took them after dance one Tuesday and like with everything else they do, they had a blast.

School pictures. Nothing like semi-awkward, cute kiddo school pictures.

Jean visit. Brian’s mom came to visit the week of Thanksgiving. The kiddos love when people come to visit, especially since we don’t live near family.

Junie B. Jones. More live theatre for the kiddos. I took Laine and Saige to see Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook. It was pretty cute.

Blaise walk. It had been about three weeks since I had Maive, and I was anxious to start my long walks with Melvin again. Blaise, Melvin, and I went for a short walk up to the trail so I could start getting my body used to life as it was before getting pregnant. We’ve since retired this sweatshirt; it’s way too small but he didn’t want to let it go.

Maive walk. More walking for me. Maive and I walked up to the kiddos’ school to pick them up after their Monday class.

Oh, Baby. A bad lighting picture and an awkward face. Haha. She has really taken to Melvin. He’s great with all the kiddos but Baby has a thing for him. She likes to give him treats. Turns out she hoards them in her play kitchen. She gives him one because he’s a good boy she says and then carries more around so he follows her. They seem to understand one another so whatever.

Frozen 2. Eh, this was on Brian to take them. I’m not a Disney fan and definitely not a Frozen fan. I bought tickets for Brian and his mom to take Saige and Baby, while Blaise and Laine were at school. It was a selfish move, to give me some alone time at home with Maive. Joke was on me though, the big kiddos ended early this day since it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I’m pretty damn good about everything schedule, so I’m not sure how I missed the memo it was a short day… it’s the first one they’ve had since starting there back in 2016.

Saige and Baby loved the movie. So score on that.

Gamer guys. Blaise takes a gym class on Wednesdays while Laine has team practice. Except his class ends 45 minutes before her practice ends. So he takes his Switch and games with a few of the other boys waiting on their sisters. His buddy with the hat is also in his gym class, so it makes it even more fun for him.

Thanksgiving art. I was terrible at taking pictures, only have a before one. We made a turkey cardboard craft. I was all set up for the kiddos on Thanksgiving day. Our neighbors came over and their little gal crafted with us.

Black Friday hike. I wanted to get out and moving some more. I’m still carrying baby weight, ugh. I went on a short walk/hike over at Tolt MacDonald, where the yurts are. It’s a nice view at the top. It was super cold but a beautiful day.

Aviator Laine. I went to the eye doctor for my annual appointment. Laine came with me and proceeded to pick out aviators for herself. They are totally Laine. I love her style. I need to get her in so she can get them.

Annual gingerbread house event. The month ended with our traditional gingerbread house event. We’ve been going every year since before Saige. The kiddos love decorating their houses and take great pride in how they look at the end. Baby mostly eats candy from the candy bar, meant to be used as decorations. I love this event. The houses are already assembled, there is candy galore for decorating, and the mess stays there. With Maive now, I imagine we’ll be going for many years to come.

Gingerbread house event kiddos. One of these Novembers, I should pull all the pictures from the years of going to see how they all have changed.

And that was November. Not the most exciting month compared to others. I think Brian and I lived the month in exhaustion. And not a single picture from Thanksgiving! We did have a great Thanksgiving.

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