April Twenty Twenty

12,395 days. That’s how many days Bill Murray—or Phil Connors—spent in Groundhog Day. So basically, life does imitate art. We’re on day 7,961. Or maybe it’s day 58? I’ve lost track. And I really don’t care. Isolation life is good, even if a bit monotonous at times.

To break up the monotony of yesterday feeling like today, we spice up the evenings with different things. Like music video night. Music video night happens at least once a week around here. It’s become a thing, where we settle down on the couch after dinner and each pick a few videos to watch. Sometimes we veer off the music video track and end up watching random things like the Dean Martin Show. Fun fact: Dean wasn’t sold on the idea of doing a variety show so he made his demands so outrageous the network would say no. Like he would refuse to show up for anything besides the taping. Except the network agreed. Which is completely obvious—and makes his show even more enjoyable—when watching. Another fun fact: if I had to pick only three singers to listen to the rest of my life, they would be: Dean Martin, George Ezra, and Nate Dogg. Maybe not a fun fact but a fact.

I thought it would be entertaining to document our latest music video picks since we don’t have much else going on these days. No complaints on that though, I’m loving the we don’t have much else going on these days thing. More on that after videos.

Each kiddos’ pick reflects their personality. In no particular order:

Blaise: Sabotage by Beastie Boys. We all love this video. The ridiculousness is the best part. Especially the dummy body being thrown over the bridge and from the car, and how they make no effort to make it appear real. Blaise’s favorite part. He’s Mr. Serious and doesn’t do well with surprises (or trying to be fooled). And the fake mustaches, yes.

Baby: Ocean Man by Ween. We LOVE this video for Baby. It is so her! We can see Baby as Ocean Man. She is our dreamer, and the kiddo who marches to the beat of her own drum. Out of nowhere one day, Saige announced she wants to be a ballerina and artist when she grows up. Baby, without missing a beat said, “And I want to be a werewolf.” Dead serious. She heard this song on Roblox and had to see the video when it was her pick. Now Brian wants a framed picture of Ocean Man in his office. It’s on my list of things to do.

Laine: Broken Clocks by Sza. Laine always surprises me with her picks. She is all over the place with her music likes, which I suppose makes this video totally Laine. And it’s dark and angsty, which Laine is not as a person but likes that kind of stuff. Laine’s a thinker, just like Brian. They stew on things before ever mentioning anything. And that’s how Laine is with music. She gets in deep with the lyrics, analyzing their meaning.

Saige: Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. Saige is the stereotypical all-American blonde hair, blue eyed girl so it makes perfect sense that she’s all about Taylor Swift. Each time we watch music videos, her pick is always a Taylor Swift song. And I can totally see Saige as a 20-something, in a squad—or whatever Taylor’s group of friends is called these days—of beautiful gals, living life to its fullest.

And then there is Brian and me… we couldn’t be more different than one another with our music likes. Another fun fact: when Brian was in fourth grade, he entered competitions to identify composers and classical music. And at 13, he advertised himself (and was hired) as a DJ for kid birthday parties… and taught himself how to make balloon animals as an added service.

Brian: Fireflies by Owl City. Brian won’t admit he’s like this but he’s totally a hipster with his music. Guess who liked Modest Mouse before they were cool? And Bright Eyes. In fairness, he did go see them in San Francisco before they were big. I’ll admit, there are many bands he’s liked before they were mainstream. He’s also into the old school cool bands, like Led Zeppelin and whatnot. Then he’ll listen to classical music and he knows lyrics to pretty much any ’90s song.

Me: Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. Eh, I’m all over the place with my music, much like Laine… but never anything Brian likes, haha. Except we both like the Jack Johnson Children’s Pandora station playing over Google Home during the day. I’m a huge late ’80s and ’90s rap fan. Some early 2000 stuff. Eminem of course. Mickey Avalon. And anything ’80s: hair bands to heavy metal to one-hit wonders (never Madonna though). But then I’ll want some ’70s Tom Jones or Barry Manlow or anything disco. And let’s not forget Dean. Also Dean, I’ll listen to Christmas music in the summer. But not Bing, I’m not a Bing fan. Any Williams and Perry Como, heck yeah. Then there’s Carmina Burana… I will always go see this symphony when it’s playing.

Since the official video isn’t exactly kid-appropriate—even though we’ve made the mistake of watching videos like Lizzo’s Tempo with the kiddos and they survived—we watched this Turn Down For What one.

And for the what the fuckery, the official Turn Down For What video.

It’ll be interesting to see who picks what next music video night.

We don’t have much else going on these days.

April was spent at home. And I am loving life. I am a homebody to begin with, also an introvert. That feeling I get when I have plans and they get cancelled—that’s the feeling I have all day, every day while in isolation mode. Relieved maybe? I’m enjoying being home, with a clear calendar and no pressure to go anywhere or do anything. And I’m realizing how little we need and how much I enjoy being with the family… even when they drive me nuts and I hide out upstairs.

Before I go on and on about how much I’m digging being home, a disclaimer: I wish my enjoyment wasn’t due to a pandemic… where people are suffering and dying, and others are losing their livelihoods. It’s terrible out there for many. And I want nothing more than this damn virus to stop already.

Life at home is great. We’re taking the Stay Home, Stay Healthy thing seriously. Doing our part. And we’re set up really well. Brian already has an office, all decked out with everything he needs since he had been working from home on Wednesdays. And because we had four when we moved in, I was determined to make the backyard kiddo-friendly since going out and about with four wasn’t ideal: there is a playset, trampoline, climbing dome, and a Target aisle of outdoor toys. And we let the kiddos ride their bikes and drive the kid Jeep around the backyard. I like the fence confinement. The back-end of the garage has a skate ramp. We have a bonus room, complete with an Xbox and television with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus (which I fought against and lost, I can’t stand Disney), HBO Go, and so on. The front room has two desktops for Roblox and online classes, complete with headsets. And the ever-popular art room—that is really the dining room that we would never use—filled with supplies galore.

Aside from having a bonus baby, the decision to buy and build this home was a great call on our part. We tried to really think things through, how we would use the space over the kiddos’ years. And so far, so good. Except we’re down a bedroom having Maive. Thankfully the kiddos are easy-going and all are requesting Maive eventually move into their room. And bonus, it’s still worth half the cost of a smaller home and property, 20 minutes away in Redmond or Issaquah.

So of course I’m thinking we should pick up and move somewhere completely new, with no ties. Haha. I get antsy and crave change. I was feeling this way at the start of last year. And then I got pregnant. My need for change was fulfilled. Before getting pregnant, I was toying with the idea of moving to Hawaii and buying some land, enjoying a simpler life spent more at home. Last week I found myself searching for homes in Idaho. Ida-fucking-ho. Like who wants to live there?! Haha. It actually seems lovely. I figured if we were to pick up and move somewhere totally new, it would have to be cheaper than where we live now. And still close to the Best Coast. I mean the Left Coast. I mean the West Coast. I told Brian about my Idaho home shopping and he was briefly excited also, and then we realized how good we have it here. We’re not going anywhere… for now. But I’m not ruling out moving somewhere random.

Schedule-wise, we have fallen into a nice schedule that meets all of our needs. After breakfast, Brian (sometimes) runs and then starts work, and the kiddos do school work. Either online classes or old school workbooks. While they complete their work after I help them get going, Maive, Melvin, and I head out for our walk. When we get back, we have free time together… the kiddos will play and I’ll hang out with them or we’ll do a craft, maybe spend time outside. Something. Then lunch.

Brian usually emerges from his office to make the kiddos lunch. After lunch, Maive is ready for her marathon nap; she naps about four hours. During these four hours, the other kiddos rotate time on the computers. So they each get two hours of Roblox time. And I get quiet mom time. I either nap with her, screw around on my laptop (like now), stretch out, or watch murder shows. Then dinner.

Brian usually takes dinner on, starting cooking about 4:30pm, about the same time Maive wakes up. Dinner at 5pm. Then we go out back. Unless it’s raining. Then we watch music videos or find something inside. At 7pm, Saige and Baby head inside and get ready for bed. Blaise and Laine screw around until 8pm, either stay outside or we’ll play board games, bake, watch a show (they love Food Network challenge shows), take Mel on a walk, something. At 8pm, it’s time for Maive to call it a day. We all head upstairs. Blaise and Laine head to their rooms to read or they hang out together playing games or building Legos, until Laine goes to bed at 8:30pm and Blaise at 9pm. Except every night Blaise reads in bed with a headlamp until about 10:30pm. Eh, he doesn’t have to wake up early and we’re not going to fight him wanting to read. Laine can read later also but she’s usually asleep the moment her head hits her pillow. Brian and I usually peter out about 10:30pm also, and call it a day.

This is literally our every day. Groundhog Day. Not much changes, aside from different online classes and workbooks. And I’ve been spicing up my routes since the trails are closed. It’s not ideal but I’m enjoying seeing all the different houses and neighborhoods around town. I’m in awe of how much stuff people have. It’s crazy. Especially if I walk Mel after 7pm, when people haven’t quite closed up their blinds or garages yet. So. Much. Stuff. I can’t get over kitchen counters. Clutter collectors. Garages are jam-packed. Granted, I am an extreme neat freak and don’t like stuff unless it has an official resting place. Around here, everything is where it belongs unless it’s being used. And there are no dishes in the sink and the laundry baskets are empty. Our water bill is likely going up since I run the dishwasher and washer way more, just to stay caught up. But yeah, people love stuff. And I’m convinced a few of my kiddos will live in cluttered homes when they move out on their own, rejecting all my put things where they belong! obsessiveness.

April in pictures.

Not many pictures. I’ve made an effort to keep my phone away from me. Less texting, less picture-taking, less mindlessly browsing, less Candy Crushing. Less is more.

And, we didn’t go anywhere in April to document. Not even to a grocery store. Everything is online these days, more so than usual. Shopping, learning, socializing, everything. No complaints. I suppose if I had any complaints, there are three four:

  1. The trails and parks are closed. This is short-lived, I know. I’ll be back on the trails* in no time and we can park it up soon. Social distancing of course. *I’m back on the trails, more on my selfish rule-breaking later.
  2. We can’t just pick up and take off for a few days. I miss this. While I’m a total homebody, I do enjoy experiences and taking the kiddos away to new places for a few days. Again, short-lived. We’ll head out soon. I haven’t cancelled our June Cannon Beach trip… yet.
  3. The kiddos don’t get to see friends in-person. They haven’t even asked to see anyone. They get it. And they have FaceTime and all things online video. But I miss this for them.
  4. Make that four. I miss fresh flowers! I always have fresh flowers on the kitchen table. Or I did. Until isolation happened. I need to find a local farm stand where I can grab some without having to come into contact with anyone.

The few April pictures I have, grouped:

April Firsting. Thankfully Amazon Fresh is back to having delivery spots available, although not within hours like I’m used to. Before the pandemic, I’d place a Fresh order around lunch with things for dinner. Now it’s a day or two out. But in late March and early April, all delivery spots would fill up quickly. I found placing an order right at midnight was the way to get a delivery spot. So I’d fill my cart and place my order at 12:00:01am. I’d get a spot two days out but a spot nonetheless.

I appreciated the delivery person’s message on the bag. It was a small but really nice gesture! I hope they had a great day, too. And of course, Miss Maive kicking off April.

Speaking of Maive and April 1… it was last April 1 when I called my sister to tell her I was pregnant, again. She said her (single) best friend—whom she has known since she was four, so for over 40 years—had called her before I did, and said she was pregnant and didn’t know what she was going to do. Then I called.

About an hour later, my sister called me back and asked if I was really pregnant. Apparently her friend was pulling an April Fools joke on her and she bought it. She was dubious that I was really pregnant after that. I assured her I was, and Maive is proof. Haha! Funny thing is, I hadn’t even realized it was April 1. And with everything over-sensitive in the world today, I know it’s taboo to pull a pregnant April Fools joke so I wouldn’t even go there.

Online classing. This is the kiddos’ new normal. And they seem to really enjoy everything online classes. Before their local programs figured out how to get going online, they started taking outschool classes. There are so many fabulous classes! I think they’re taking about eight each week? Some are one-time classes, others weekly, and a few are clubs… like the Smash Bros gaming club Blaise joins each Saturday. Blaise and Laine search for classes that interest them and if it works with our schedule, they sign up. And in the meantime, their local programs have started weekly online classes also. They have a fairly packed weekly schedule, mostly in the mornings. It’s nice for them and breaks up the day well.

Saige and Baby have taken a few online classes also. Saige loves being a big kid and taking headphone classes as she calls them. Their preschool has twice weekly sessions but we haven’t been participating much. One day conflicts with Blaise and Laine’s class and the other day, they mostly do crafts during the class and I’m not a fan of using the time that way. I’m hopeful fall classes will actually happen for the outdoor stuff. That’s a tough one to replicate online.

Eastering. Easter was super uneventful this year. Not that it’s ever eventful. Maybe in past years it feels more exciting because there’s more going on in life to take a step back to appreciate the holiday. Also in past years, I’m usually Easter shopping the night before. This year—with everybody ordering online and Amazon saying they would prioritize items—I ordered everything Easter basket three weeks early.

It was a low-key Easter, with each kiddo only getting one gift along with the standard candy-filled basket. They were still excited though, and up at 6:13am. Growing up, my Easter Bunny hid eggs inside and hid baskets. So we do the same, minus the Easter Bunny. With the Easter festivities over by 7am, we let the kiddos have a free-for-all day. They ate candy, played video games, played outside, and enjoyed their new loot. Brian did go all out for an Easter dinner and we called it a day.

We checked off coloring eggs before Easter this year. Well, for Saige and Baby at least. Blaise and Laine were in a class. My attempt at keeping the girls busy so not to bug them. Turns out I bought about five egg coloring kits on clearance at Target last year, so Blaise and Laine will color eggs eventually. And lucky for them, one of my main protein sources as a vegetarian is hard boiled eggs.

Trailing. The damn trail. Not the trail but the damn closures. Mel and I use the trails almost daily. Long before pandemic closures. In early March, we were walking on the trail like usual… there was a sign entering Tolt McDonald that said the park was closed (part of our trail walk goes through the park). I knew parks were closing, like playgrounds and sports fields but I was under the impression trails were still open since outdoor exercise was still encouraged. When I got home, I looked up online and sure enough, not only was the park closed, but the trails were closed also. It said something like they’re closed but they won’t be enforcing anything, relying on citizens to follow the rules. I was annoyed and frustrated, but being a rule-follower, I obliged.

For nearly three weeks, I walked around town on the sidewalks. It wasn’t ideal but I was following the rule (that I didn’t agree with). In those weeks, I dealt with:

1. Blocked sidewalks. I’m not sure what’s up with cars parking, blocking sidewalks but it’s a thing around here. Including the one car who saw me coming, pulled into their driveway, blocking the sidewalk. Even one guy in our own neighborhood parks his truck, blocking half of the sidewalk sometimes. Annoying. Although, I’ll give it to the super nice gardener guys over in Swiftwater. While he was parked on the sidewalk, blocking any ability to walk around his truck and trailer—even without a dog and stroller—he was kind enough to turn off the lawn mower he had just started until I walked past. Also, I don’t know what’s up with the Swiftwater neighborhood but they all put their trash cans on the freaking sidewalk on trash day. Who does this?! Every neighborhood I’ve ever lived in—from being a kid to a homeowner—puts trash cans on the curb, leaving the sidewalks open.

2. People who never moved for me, coming toward them with stroller and dog. And not that I expect anybody to move for me. But when I’m walking down the sidewalk and someone rounds the corner walking toward me, I feel like I have the right-of-way… and if I were the one rounding a corner and walking toward someone, I would be the one to move. Common courtesy. But nope. The worst was a guy in his early 30s, walking his large dog. I was walking down a long street and he rounded the corner… he walked across the street to the side I was on, hopped on the sidewalk about 20 feet in front of me, and kept on walking toward me. When I realized he wasn’t going to move, I stopped and had to push the stroller down the squared curb and cross the street. It’s not that big of a deal but I was annoyed. He should have known better. In the weeks I walked around town, only three times (three!) did people move for me. A few times each walk, I would have to walk in the street to get six feet away from someone walking or jaywalk to cross to the other side of the street.

3. Dogs galore. Carnation, the country. People aren’t really into leashes or fences around here. I don’t know how many dogs came up to us walking around the local neighborhoods. There is one large black dog who is usually tied to a leash in his front yard. I’m not scared of dogs but I don’t exactly want them coming up to me barking, especially when Mel doesn’t want random dogs in his face. The big black dog wasn’t on his leash one day. And sure enough, he came barging out of his yard over to us, barking his cute little head off. He walked with us while barking, following us down the sidewalk while his owner just called for him from inside his house, doing nothing more than that. Luckily, there was a cat (sorry cat) ahead on the sidewalk that the dog saw and took off, chasing the cat into someone’s backyard. So, dogs. Not just that guy but I encountered several other pups walking around town.

4. I’d watch people use the trail regardless of it being closed. The city put up signs at trail entrances saying they’re closed and blocked off parking lots to detour people from using the trails. But cars would just park on the streets instead. Every day I walked, I’d see people on the trail. I’d curse them in my head. My last straw was a Saturday… I headed out—with stroller and Melvin—walking on the damn sidewalk. I counted 14 cars parked along the street near the trailhead. Fourteen. Here I am, walking on the sidewalks, following the rule while dealing with 1-3 above, and watching everyone else disregard the rule. I said fuck it. I went on the trail.

Breaking a rule never felt so good. I missed the trails. It felt great to be back around nature, and away from all things walking around town. And of course, the first day I broke the rule, the trails were packed. Including the group of seven people—walking with two dogs—taking up the entire width of the trail. My luck. I had to pass them twice: walking toward them and then again after I turned around and headed back home. And of course, both times they were blocking the entire trail. I know we all have our moments but I would think after me having to say excuse me to them as I walked past them the first time, they would think, “Huh, maybe we shouldn’t use the entire width of the trail to not block others.” But nope, that went straight over all their heads. I digress. There are plenty of wonderful, polite trail users out there.

So I’m back on the trails, breaking the damn rule! The trails officially open soon so I’ll be legit again so all my rationalizations won’t matter anymore. Whatever I need to tell myself to make it right, haha!

Tolt River on the day I first realized the trails were closed, not knowing I was breaking the rule until I made it home.

My little rule-breaker on the Saturday I said, “Fuck it,” and used the damn trail.

Running. In addition to breaking the trail use rule, I’ve started running again. It feels SO GOOD. When I started using the trails again, I upped our mileage. We go between 7-8 miles. It doubles as Maive’s morning nap time and I enjoy being out and about to break up the long days. Depending on my route, I walk 1-3 miles, then run 2-3 miles, and then run/walk the remaining miles. This is the first time in my running history where I’m accepting that I won’t just head out and run five miles from the get go. I’m taking it slow. And I’m enjoying running so much more. My plan is to increase my running miles little by little. Hopefully I stick with this!

Maive and Melvin, my trail walking/running partners. They enjoy the outings as much as I do.

Tuliping. Tulips are my favorite! They always have been and probably always will be. I’m not much of a flower person otherwise, other than Calla Lilies. The two flower types we had at our wedding. One of my amazing friends planted tulip bulbs for me last October, all across the front of our house and in a pot so I can look out the kitchen door and see tulips. They started blooming in early April. By the end of April, the entire front had tulips galore! Bonus is I think of my friend every time I see them. And since she moved away, it makes me happy thinking about her.

Bird feeder(ing?). We made bird feeders. It was a craft Saige and Baby were set to make in one of their preschool Zoom classes but yeah, it’s not an indoor thing. So we made them on our own. Out back of course. I helped the girls slather almond butter all over paper towel and toilet paper tubes; Blaise and Laine managed on their own. Then they all rolled the slathered up tubes over birdseed. What a mess! It’s all good though, the birds have since cleaned up the mess under the table. They haven’t touched the feeders much though.

Six-monthing! Well, five- and six-monthing. Maive hit six months at the end of April. Here are April Maive pictures. Three notes:

1. Maive is the only kid we have who is still swaddled at six months. Her arms are wild and wake her up if set free. Although she’s been having arms at night and it seems to be working. But for naps, no arms.

2. Moosie (the white cat) is the only animal we have who has been around since before we had kiddos. He’s a sweet guy. Moose doesn’t always admit it but he loves these kids. He naps with Maive in the afternoons. When he isn’t harassing me to turn on the sink. This cat will not drink from a water dish.

3. This kid has become a bit of a handful. She expects to be held or messed with at all times. There are six other people in this house, she sees no reason why she isn’t doted on all the time. She lasts maybe five minutes on her own before she reminds everyone that she’s available. It’s cute and annoying at the same time. Luckily, all the other kiddos are Maive-obsessed so she gets her way. And of course there’s Brian, who is a natural born baby holder. And luckily for me, I always have someone available to pass her to when I need to get something done… only if the kiddos are game (Brian is always game). I refuse to be that mom in a big family who relies on the older siblings to take care of their younger sibling.

Fooding! Maive started showing interest in all things food. When you hold her while eating, she tracks the food to your mouth with extreme focus. I figured we’d give some purees a shot. She LOVES to eat! So far all the purees we’ve given her have been a hit, with the exception of green beans. The face she made! It was an immediate nope. We’ll try again in a few weeks.

Kiddoing. Just a boy and his Lego creation; a boy who needs a haircut (we were trying to capture his blue eyes the same night we captured Maive’s above); and raspberry fingers.

Projecting. We had two house projects happen in April:

1. Playset and trampoline surrounds. I had been wanting to do this for years. Under the playset and trampoline it was weeds galore. I’d weed but they’d come back. And it was a pain for Brian to mow around. And if it rained, it’d be muddy for a while. So I texted David. David is our awesome painter whom we’ve been using for close to six years. He’s pretty much our go-to guy for anything house related… he either can do it or knows someone who can and hooks us up. Brian’s dad has Lonnie, his go-to guy, so I feel like we’ve made it as adults to have a Lonnie.

David said sure, he could help us. And because we’ve worked with him for so long, I just sent him a random Google image with an idea of what we wanted and the next thing we know, we have three guys in our yard building the surround and filling it with pea gravel. A social distance project at its finest, haha.

In addition to having the surrounds built, we also had David power wash and re-stain the playset. It looks brand new! We need it to last another 10 years with Miss Maive.

2. The damn wall leak. Ugh. It’s always something. So Brian bought a map of Puget Sound last summer. I’m not a fan of the old man map as I call it… the color is um, not appealing to me and it the font is, I’ll call it classic. But Brian has so few things around the house I took one for the team and we had it framed to hang in the art room. He loves the thing. Brian is kicking himself because any time we put anything heavy on the wall that requires dolly bolts, he always, without fail, pulls up the photos he took of our house being built to confirm nothing is behind the wall. Except when he put up the map. He figured we were all good because there is nothing water-related above or in the room next to the art room. He was wrong.

In mid-April, Brian noticed the map had water damage on the top. He initially thought the kids somehow damaged the map… until he took it off the wall. The entire back of the map had water damage and the paint on the wall was nasty. He quickly got his phone and sure enough, there was a water pipe was right behind one of the dolly bolts. Not just any pipe, the pipe from the upstairs bathroom… the toilet, tub/shower, and sinks drain through this pipe. Nasty. He must have poked the smallest hole in the pipe because he put it up Thanksgiving week and the water damage was just noticeable.

We called a plumber who tore into the wall and replaced the broken pipe. Thankfully we have a wonderful contractor, in addition to David, whom I emailed after the plumber left and asked when he could come over to fix the wall. We had to wait three days for the wall to dry out, and we sprayed bleach all over the inside since gross stuff goes through that pipe. Four days later, the wall was fixed. So the damn map that I don’t even love is now worth $1,855: original map $40 plus $360 for framing; $575 in plumbing and $480 in wall repairs; and another $40 and $360 to buy a replacement map and have it framed again. Lovely.

Jumping. We needed a Costco order. Since we aren’t going anywhere, we used Instacart for a large Costco run, like $150 tip alone Costco run (big family problems). But for the non-perishable Costco items, I have been ordering online. Costco ships things in huge boxes filled with plastic padding galore. I gave some to the kiddos to put on the trampoline and jump on. This was a hit!

We have wonderful neighbors on both sides. The neighbors to our right are an older couple, early 70s, and have a daugter our age and grandchildren a bit older than our kiddos. They are always doing nice things for us, like bringing us treats galore during this isolation time. Their church collects food from grocery stores for the community. Some of this food includes bakery cakes, cookies, pies, cupcakes… we have some sort of delicious sugary treat on our porch a couple times each week. They know the kiddos love this!

But how I got off track, I ran into David, the husband, on one of my walks and he said, “I know I’ve told you this before but Deborah and I just love hearing your kids out back. They’re little jumping beans.” I’m glad someone enjoys hearing them because they are so freaking loud and we are always asking them to quiet down. Haha!

The jumping beans.

May will likely be the same. We’ll be home. And I’m pretty sure I’ll continue being good with this. But if I start home shopping in like Kentucky or Alabama, sound the alarms. Maive is due for her six-month shots, so I suppose I need to head to our doctor in West Seattle sometime during May. And of course the West Seattle bridge is closed. It’s always something even during nothing.

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