Kayak Point 2021

Another year, another trip to Kayak Point. This is always a fun weekend, and one I look forward to each summer. It’s been a tradition since 2016, spending the weekend up there with our old neighbors. Which makes the trip this summer year five. Yurt life for two nights.

The yurts book fast, like early in the year fast. People in the Pacific Northwest love their outdoor activities. It was January when we booked for this year, securing the one yurt with a deck. And new this year, we booked two yurts. They technically only allow five people per yurt. But we’ve always squeezed into one. And I decided after last trip, we needed two. Blaise and Laine are getting to be mini-adult sized, and just the sheer amount of stuff we need to bring, even packing minimally. But seven people equals seven pillows, seven sleeping bags, seven luggage bags, food for seven—we fill up the yurt. We ended up in one yurt though…

We yurt with our former neighbors. Our current neighbors were looking to book a yurt for whenever. But since they fill so quickly, by the time she looked into booking, all the yurts were booked through the season. I offered her our second yurt and they ended up going also. It was all good. We squeezed into one yurt again and managed. Although Brian and I slept terribly. The first night we fell asleep just fine. But around midnight, Brian jumped out of bed and ran out of the yurt. I had no idea what the hell was going on… we had raccoons visiting our picnic table. We left out pizza boxes because we’ve never had issues with critters here at night before. Brian heard them scratching and when we ran out, there were two raccoons feasting on breadsticks. They scattered. I was awake now and needed to use the restroom, and when I walked out about 10 minutes after Brian dealt with breadstick raccoons, there was a raccoon standing near the picnic table. We looked at each other and both went on our way. They are so cute! They always look at you like you’re the one who shouldn’t be there.

The second night was just terrible sleep. It was me who made the night miserable. I was already low on sleep from the raccoon business and then toss in waking up in the night again, and not being able to fall back asleep… I am the absolute worst to be around when I have sleeping issues. I’m absolutely ridiculous. I try to say I’m not responsible for my behavior when I can’t get sleep but that’s a cop-out. We made it through the second night but we’re for sure doing two yurts next year. And I may sleep in one alone.

Bad nights of sleep aside, the trip was a success. We hit the beach and playground, and enjoyed time in the yurt village. The only downer was there was a burn ban, no campfires. The kiddos roasted marshmallows over the gas grill. It worked out but it wasn’t the same without the smell of smoke everywhere and on everyone.

Hanging around the yurt village.

Beach and playground time!

Another fun yurt weekend checked off. Until next year (in two yurts)!

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