The Pie is seven! Also known as Saige. When she was a baby, somehow we turned Georgie Porgie Pudding Pie into Saigey Paigey Pudding Pie. And so she was Pudding Pie for a while; it’s since been shortened to just Pie. For the longest time, she would introduce herself as, “I’m Pie also known as Saige,” which in her young voice that didn’t say letters clearly, it was super confusing to people. Now she’s seven—and speaks clearly—and introduces herself as just Saige.

The week leading up to her birthday she told anyone and everyone about her birthday. Literally anyone. Saige is overly outgoing. Every single person we passed, Saige told them about her birthday. Thankfully she’s cute and everyone let her have her moment. Her birthday was the standard deal: a home party with just us followed by a friend party.

Saige’s birthday was on a Friday this year, which meant we were all home that evening to celebrate. She requested spaghetti for dinner, followed by a chocolate cake she selected earlier that day. After cake, present time. All she wanted was a $100 Roblox card, which is what she got. And man, what a waste of $100 from my perspective. She had that $100 blown in under 30 minutes. At least she was happy. It was a successful home birthday, like always… we’ve yet to have an unsuccessful home birthday.

Saige and Baby had a joint birthday party with their friends. They mostly have the same friends, and since their birthdays are so close—three weeks apart—it’s easier to do one party. I feel bad asking the same families to give up 2-3 weekends so close, when factoring in Blaise’s birthday. Several of the kiddos’ friends are siblings.

We rented out the Tolt MacDonald Barn Shelter, and it worked out perfectly. It was outdoor and Covid-friendly, and large enough of a space to have friends and siblings. I think we had 34 kiddos, including Saige and Baby’s buddies, and their siblings who are all friends with Blaise and Laine. Granted, five of those kiddos were ours, haha. It was a fun party! I was a bit overwhelmed planning the party; I usually have the kiddos’ parties at places that do it all—we only have to show up, with food.

I was worried about filling the time. I shouldn’t have been. Parties are really glorified playdates. But I planned just in case. Blaise and Laine were helpful with one game, where each kiddo tucks a bandana into their pocket and then an elaborate game of tag happens. That was a fun one. And it went on longer than I expected since all the kiddos were having a blast. Fox Tails I think they call the game. As for crafts, I bought several small terra-cotta pots for the kiddos to decorate, put out rocks to decorate, and made a nature scavenger hunt. Looking back, it was probably too much but it all worked out. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. And I was happy to have checked off the last kiddo birthday party of the season. Friend birthday party that is… we still had Baby and Maive’s home birthdays coming up.

There aren’t many pictures from the party. I was busy chatting with parents and watching the kiddos enjoy themselves, leaving pictures to Brian (thankfully he did grab a few!). It was nice to see everyone together, like pre-Covid times.

The party!

Preparing the night before. Laine was making an example pot. She’s so creative!

Until next year, when birthday party season starts again.

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