Number five is two! The Toddler, as we call her. She was SO excited it was finally her turn. All the kiddos had birthdays the past few months, and all Maive wanted was her birthday. Or, “Birf-day, me?” She kept asking, while patting her chest when saying me. On October 30, we finally were able to tell her, “Yes, Maive’s birthday!”

What fun it is having a toddler. I’m really appreciating Maive, being the last. And the only time I’ve ever had one toddler. She is the sweetest kid, easy going, and happy-go-lucky. We really lucked out with her! What a love. And she is SO loved by all her siblings. I know all the kiddos love one another, but the way they love Maive is so adorable—she is the light of their eyes and everything she does is cheered on. Like I’ve said, I didn’t know I wanted a fifth until Maive arrived. She has definitely completed the family.

Her birthday was on a Saturday this year, and we made it a home day. Mostly. I had an eye appointment in the afternoon but otherwise, we all spent the day at home, celebrating Maive. The day kicked off around 7am, when she woke up. Brian and I got up with her and walked her downstairs so she could see her decorations. Dinosaurs this year. It was a toss-up, between dinosaurs and horses. Dinosaurs won out, because it was the easiest cake to order. And, Target has dinosaur birthday supplies that I ordered for drive-up. She’s two, and I wanted easy. This was birthday number five I was on, and I was worn out.

Maive loved her decorations. She walked around, taking them all in, over and over the whole morning. All while saying, “Birf-day, me!” The day was fairly lazy, with the kiddos doing their standard Saturday thing—some gaming, some television, some playing, some outside time, and so forth. When I left for my eye appointment, Brian put on a movie for the kiddos. Maive loves popcorn, so she approved.

On my way to the eye doctor, I picked up the dinosaur cake. And on my way home, I grabbed pizza. Maive loves pizza, and Brian and I wanted easy… pizza it was. We ate, had cake, and moved on to Maive opening presents.

Dinosaur cake!

Presents! And a cheesy smile. If you say cheesy smile, she gives that cheesy smile, haha.

After the celebration, Maive was running on fumes. It was a standard bedtime for her, passing out about 6:30pm. We kept the decorations up the next day, which was Halloween. Bonus of having a birthday the day before Halloween—cake one night and candy the next.

That’s a wrap for 2021 birthdays. Phew! Now on to the holidays, which Halloween kicked off already.

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