Laine is 11! Palindrome territory. With each year, Laine gets quirkier and more entertaining. And more mature, but sometimes that’s questionable. Haha. Nah, Laine is a wonderful 11-year-old, with nothing but a bright future ahead of her. She is confident in who she is, a kind kiddo, a great big sister (mostly, haha), funny, silly, dependable, and overall awesome. I’m not a lovey-dovey, gushy person so it’s hard to let out how much I adore these kiddos. But I do. Big time.

Laine kicks off birthday season in July. We celebrated with a party first and then at home on her actual birthday. We left for our road trip the morning after her birthday, hence the party first.


Laine couldn’t decide what she wanted to do for her party. There were a ton of ideas tossed around, like go-karting, gymnastics, laser tag, but in the end she decided she wanted to be outside. We rented the Tolt Barn again, like we did for Saige and Baby’s joint party last year. Sold. As soon as she decided, I booked the barn for the Sunday before her birthday. We were leaving for California the morning after her actual birthday, so a party before her birthday was best.

It was a fun Sunday afternoon! These kiddos have a great group of friends with really great parents. I’m not sure if we could ask for a better group of people to hang around. I think we had about 26 kiddos. Several of Laine’s friends and their siblings, whom are friends with all of our kiddos. Laine worked hard to come up with an ’80s theme for her party. Complete with decorating neon sunglasses and painting pet rocks. Blaise was in charge of the field game, Fox Tails, which I still don’t quite get but all the kiddos understand what’s up. All I know is each kid gets a handkerchief they attach to their pants somehow, and then they run around in hopes that it doesn’t get stolen. But then they can get it back by kneeling or being tagged?! I really have no idea.

Laine also requested a piñata. We bought two for so many kiddos. The piñatas were ’80s boomboxes. And all of the tableware was black with rainbow splatter paint. Between the field game, art activities, piñatas, grassy area to run about, trees to climb, pizza, cupcakes, and friends, it was a successful party. Laine was all smiles the whole time and all the other kiddos seemed to enjoy themselves. The party officially ended at 6:15pm but we were still there until after 7:30pm. All I remember is we pulled into our driveway when it was getting darker.

Not many pictures. But it was fun!


Laine’s actual birthday fell on a Tuesday this year. It was a day of nothing. Laine didn’t have any requests to do anything. Worked for me. We did switch it up this time, opening gifts in the morning. Her big gift was an iPad and Apple Pencil. And knowing she wanted a day of nothing, I figured opening gifts first thing would give her the day to use her new loot. Plus, we were leaving the next day for our road trip and I wanted to be sure she had enough time to get acquainted with the iPad and pencil.

An iPad, Apple Pencil, and a Kuchi Kopi. I’m not sure which she was more excited for, haha!

We did head to the grocery store mid-day to select a cake for her evening family celebration. But most of the day was spent at home, doing whatever she wanted. A bit of iPading, some playing outside, watching television, whatever she wanted. When Brian made it home from work, we celebrated with our standard dinner and then cake. Laine requested something for dinner?! None of us can remember. Not even Laine. The guesses are pizza or tacos. I’m going with pizza; Laine too. It makes the most sense knowing we left the next morning.

We ate dinner out back and then it was cake time. After the candles were blown out, Brian cut slices for everyone and Laine asked if she could finish the cake that was left on the tray. Brian wasn’t happy with this plan but I told Laine to go for it, why not?! It was her birthday and we were leaving the next morning, so any leftover cake would be trash anyway. She barely made a dent in the remaining cake. Sometimes I think our kiddos like the idea of sweets more than actually eating them. Not that they don’t enjoy sweets but they never overindulge. I wish I could be like them, haha.

Cake! Chocolate candles are a terrible idea. Lesson learned. The wax melted all down them.

Having already opened gifts in the morning, it was a standard evening routine. The younger gals went to bed as usual; Blaise gamed; and Laine settled in on the couch, watching Bob’s Burgers. Her standard evening routine. It was a successful, low-key birthday. And it kicked off her favorite span of weeks—where she gets to tell Blaise they’re the same age. Much to his annoyance (and her enjoyment).


Something I always mean to do but always forget. Kiddo interviews. I think I did them once or twice before, but I can’t remember. Nothing terribly exciting, just a selection of questions I found searching for kid birthday questionnaires.

Describe yourself. I’m a human.

What are you thankful for? For myself because I’m awesome.

What makes you happy? Gymnastics, family, and friends. Not in that order.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Graphic designer or an investment banker.

What’s important to you? Family and friends.

What do you love most about yourself? Too much to list. My personality and sense of humor.

What do you love most about your mom? That she buys fun stuff.

What do you love most about your dad? His goofy mode.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Home.

Who do you admire? Myself because I’m awesome.

What do you want to learn more about? Business.

If you could only keep one thing, what would you keep? Family.

What’s your favorite memory? When my friend got wet in the river and she had to walk around town bundled in a Christmas blanket, in the middle of summer.

What are you proud about? For being awesome. And gymnastics.

What are you looking forward to doing? Going to Hawaii with my family.

Anything else you want to say? No.

Birthday season is in full-swing. We have four more birthdays to go. I’m tried just thinking about them. And I don’t even want to think about holiday season yet.

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  1. lu

    Kuchi Kopi! How adorable. 🙂

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