10 Months

To be exact, last night at 9:20pm, Laine turned 10 months.

We sat down and chatted about a few of her favorite things. I chatted, she laughed and climbed on me.

Favorite food: Blueberries or anything really, she’s worse at begging than both dogs and Blaise combined.
Favorite toy: Anything Blaise has that she can steal.
Favorite book: The Big Book of Animals, she likes to kiss the cat repeatedly.
Favorite pastime: Dancing, no music required.
New trick: She finally figured out how to roll this last month. She’s also starting to climb this past month, a few stairs under her belt and she made it onto Blaise’s bed.

She’s pondering what it means to be 10 months (she’s really looking at brother before she bulldozed him to get the train he was playing with).

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