Running Again, Again

I’m back at running again. Again.

I started casually running in college to maintain weight and not worry about those rumored pesky Freshman 15. It worked until two eight-pounders arrived. During my pregnancy with Blaise I ran off and on until five months when it became uncomfortable. After he arrived I was given the okay to run two weeks later and started on the treadmill in the garage. I was just about back to my pre-Blaise weight. It felt great and I was anxious for him to get a little bigger so I could get a running stroller and take him on the trail. He got bigger, I got a running stroller. It came Thursday, Laine made herself known Sunday. Taking care of a two-month old and being pregnant left me with little energy. I stopped running.

I’ve been back at it a few times since Laine arrived just to stop shortly after I started. Not this time. I’m semi-regularly running weeknights and even ran my first race today since long before pregnancy. My performance isn’t anything to be proud of but I actually went and crossed the finish line, which was my only goal. Woot.

My ultimate goal is to run a race in every state; for now I’ll be running a race every month. I just signed up for one in June. Now, to set my weekly running schedule so I can finish June’s race with a time to be proud of.

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