Scuba Brian

Back in April Brian casually mentioned there was a Groupon for scuba classes. Which was random. Brian is a self-admitted cold water wuss so I thought he was just commenting there was a deal, especially given the local scuba scene. Nope. In his never-ending quest to find new hobbies to replace old ones (ham radio this time), he bought the deal. He is officially scuba and dry suit diving certified. And I now know more about scuba than I ever thought I would.

To become certified, he attended pool classes once a week for a month, along with one dry suit class followed by three days of diving. His three dives were around the Puget Sound; two off the beach and one off a boat. He plans on diving one or two times a month now, and gain his open water certification along the way. Good call on him buying the Groupon, he’s loving being Scuba Brian. And in Brian-style, he bought all the necessary gear, including the creepy human-looking dry suit that hangs in the garage.

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