Last Week in One Post

Last week was low-key.

Sunday: Lazy Sunday

We didn’t wake up in the late afternoon or call Parnell but we were lazy. Brian was on his second open water scuba dive so the kids and I had the whole day to ourselves. They must have known this and their excitement of spending the whole day with me caused them to wake up at 6:30am. Since we were up early we headed over to the best park ever. The rooster was busy waking up the animals so we started with the swings before heading over to the animals and then to the bridge to figure out water runs underneath. The thing about getting there so early was that we were the only ones there. Very peaceful. We made it home for a mid-morning brunch and early naps since the kiddos were spent from rising early and park playing. We spent the afternoon watching Toy Story 3, followed by dinner, baths, and bed. Brian made it home from his dive—officially scuba certified—in time to kiss the Blaise Man goodnight (Laine was already passed out).

Monday: Our Sunday

Brian took the day off since he was gone all weekend to hang out with us and re-cooperate from his busy scuba dives. The kids were up and at it early again so we (can you guess?!) went to the best park ever again. Brian hadn’t experienced the awesomeness of the park yet so we thought we’d let him in on the secret. He agreed, best park ever. After the park we ran a few errands, including getting Blaise Man a helmet for his trike. He’s always surpassed his height and weight for his age but his head has always been average so we had to go to a cycle shop to find a helmet that fit properly. Success. We spent the rest of the day at home doing around the house things.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Really Low-Key

Dentist appointment, Marymoor Dog Park, best park ever (yes, again), spontaneous play date. Good times.

Thursday: Regulars at Brunch & the Park

We met our friends for our weekly brunch at Issaquah Cafe. The host said good morning to me and said he’d get our table set up. He didn’t even confirm the number seats or high chairs, he just knew. Even the waitress commented that we were there early (we were!). Achievement unlocked. It’s nice to get out and it’s even become relatively easy with the two kiddos. When we’re there the other patrons are usually senior citizens in groups of two or more, with the occasional mom/grandma/grandchild table. We must make it look easy or times are different because we often get complimented from older folks. An older, gray-haired lady came up behind me, put her arm around my shoulders, and complimented us on making it look easy and having well-behaved children. And right after we thanked her and she walked off, Blaise picked up his sippy cup and chucked it at the table to our right. Lovely. As we were leaving, the table of three grandfathers behind us thanked us for being great moms with great kids. Always nice to hear (sippy cup incident aside).

I thought it was only fair to spread the park love to our friend. We headed over to the park after brunch and enjoyed the sun with the farm animals. The kiddos ran themselves tired which made for super-long afternoon naps.

On days we’re busy in the mornings, we seem to keep the energy going in the afternoons, too. When the kiddos woke up from their naps, I thought it would be a great time to test out Blaise’s new helmet. We’ve had the trike for a while but he’s only be able to ride it in the garage since we didn’t have a helmet. This needed to change. As much as the guy loves hats, he wasn’t keen on a bike helmet. We fought, I won. He got over it once he was on the trike. I tossed Lainey Bug in a hiking backpack and took both kiddos down the street. Laine on my back, Blaise on his trike. Fun times. Blaise loved his trike and figured out the steering in no time; Laine kicked and laughed the whole time.

Friday: Sitter Success, Again (sort of)

Blaise woke up Mr. Crabby Pants so I was worried that he’d be a bugger for the sitter who was coming at 9am. He was moody but once she got here, he was Mr. Chipper. I think he likes seeing someone other than me during the week! He had a blast with her. Laine, not so much. She is pretty attached to me and she was super tired right when the sitter got here. I was able to get Laine down for a nap so I could sneak out. Turns out she only napped about 20 minutes and wasn’t pleased I wasn’t here when she woke up. It was touch-and-go but she pulled through. Here’s hoping for a repeat of the first time next time.

Saturday: Just a Saturday

Brian had his last certification dive; he was scuba certified last weekend but wanted to get his dry suit certification. He was up and out early after a long night with the Blaise Man who thought 3:30am was a perfect time to get up and play (he never does that, little stinker). Blaise eventually went back to sleep before Brian left and thankfully slept in until 8:30am waking Lainey Bug and me up. We had made plans to hang out with Mike and Katherine for the day and headed over to their place after breakfast around 10:30am. We didn’t do anything outrageous, just a stayed in and let the kiddos play in a different environment. Blaise and Mike did some “guy stuff” in the garage; Blaise saw his first set of tools (and likely last until he goes over there again). Laine was still recovering from being left alone with the sitter (the nerve of me) so she stuck close to me, was even hesitant to crawl over to the back door to see the puppers. She eventually did after an hour or so, once she realized I wasn’t leaving her. Katherine made lunch for the kids and they had a picnic on the living room floor. After lunch, Katherine, Laine, and I ran a few errands while Blaise and Mike headed outside to the park. We made it home in time to be here before Brian was back from his dive. We were all tired from our respective busy days so we spent the night in being lazy.

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