The Hurdler

Blaise, the hurdler. Bedtime has been entertaining lately. He sleeps in a big boy bed—has for months—and we put a gate on his doorway to keep him imprisoned. We always knew he could climb the gate if he thought about it; he never did until a few nights ago. We were sitting downstairs and heard a thunk, then little feet pitter-pattering down the hallway. He escaped and was quite proud, smiling at me when I walked upstairs and saw him.

The dilemma: keep the gate up and have him practice his future sport or take the gate down and fear he’ll figure out how to jump the gate (different style) at the top of the stairs. Night one: we took the gate down, closed all the doors in the hallway, and let him roam between his room and the top of the stairs. It took multiple trips upstairs for an hour to corral him into his bed. He finally got too tired to keep getting up so we put the gate back up. He got up one last time but didn’t have the umph to jump. Night two, unintentional approach: we were out to dinner with friends and the kids way past their bedtime (which we rarely do) so when we got home at 9pm, he was beyond tired. After a quick bath, he was knocked out by the time his head hit the pillow (with the gate up). Tonight: we have the gate up and it took what felt like forever (about 40 minutes) for him to go down. Plus, we have Laine in the crib so he’s having to go to bed with his sister in the room. We figured if we have to adjust to his gate jumping, he can adjust to having his sister in the room at bedtime. Thankfully, he left her alone and she didn’t budge as he made noise (score!). Brian and I switched off every 5-10 minutes but no gate jumping (only because we stayed upstairs so we could catch him getting up before he had the opportunity).

We have no clue how the next few nights will go but we’re prepared to deal with our future track and field star. What’s really funny is that he is such a stickler for routine that yesterday as nap time approached (he was zonked about 30 minutes before his normal nap time) he brought me the gate, had me follow him to his room, and hopped in bed. And he hasn’t jumped it once at nap time since he figured out he could. Silly little guy.

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