Weekend Rundown

My goal has been to update what we’re up to weekly, from Mondays through Sundays so we have a record. And include copious amounts of kiddo pictures. Because that’s what parents do, we take ridiculous amounts of kid pictures (and it was ridiculous amounts of dog and cat pictures before human kids). I’m caught up with random time frames until last Friday so here goes last weekend, and starting next rundown post I’m going back to my original plan (and have every intention of sticking to it until I don’t).


I left Friday afternoon for a weekend getaway. Quick rundown: massage, acupuncture, rock climbing wall, walk on the beach, other outdoorsy stuff, good food, great gals. Horrible sleep aside, it was a fun time. The trip was two nights but I came home Saturday night with every intention of running the Salmon Days 5K Sunday morning but decided we’d have a race to see who could sleep in the latest instead.

Brian was a single dad Saturday and took the kiddos to Farrel-McWhirter park for some outside play. They had a good time playing with rocks and checking in on the animals. The enormous pig was actually awake for once and her snorting scared Laine. I hear it was a good time, snorting aside. After naps, they went out on a dad-pizza date where bread sticks, dipping sauce, and cups of water were bigger hits than pizza.


After the four-way tie for who could sleep in the latest (thanks, Laine), the kiddos did a little morning Play-Doh play before we went to a pumpkin patch. One of the gals at the getaway mentioned a patch here in Issaquah, Trinity Tree Farm. The kiddos had a blast. They had a bounce house, big bouncy slide, train ride, hay ride, kettle corn, wheelbarrows, and of course pumpkins. We left with just two pumpkins each kiddo picked since we plan on hitting up a few other patches before Halloween.

After the patch, we stopped by the fish hatchery. I had mentioned to Brian it was more than he and I originally thought it was after seeing what it was all about when I took the kiddos last week. He wanted to check it out so we went and saw salmon galore.

The rest of our day was as usual: naps, dinner, baths, bed. Our friends came over at the kiddo’s bedtime and visited a bit before we called it a night.

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