Blaise Stats

Blaise had his two-year well-child visit on Friday and I thought they measured him at 32 inches. That seemed way too short for a kid in our family, so I remeasured him. Four times. Next to a 31 inch bookcase. He’s 34.5 inches which sounds about right with how tall he looks. Not that shorter isn’t cool or anything. So being *that* mom for once, I emailed our doctor to let him know of my kiddo height obsession, telling him how I remeasured him and asked him to update his chart. Then I went and looked at his paperwork from his appointment and, um, they measured him at 34.5 inches. I have no clue why I had 32 inches stuck in my head. Eh, anyway, his two-year stats are: 34.5 inches tall, 31 pounds, and as adorable as can be (my observation). And not doctor measurements but for our records, he wears 2T clothes and size 7.5 shoes.

The only other issue we discussed was that he isn’t much of a talker. He says a few words and makes animal sounds but he doesn’t talk. He has no real reason to talk … if he’s thirsty, he brings me the milk jug; if he’s hungry, he brings me a bowl; if he needs a diaper change, he brings me a diaper; if he’s tired, he goes to his room and gets in bed; he communicates just fine. And he’s always listening even if he’s on the other side of the room playing. Months back, we had friends over and when we talked about where to go to dinner, Blaise brought us all our shoes. He understands everything we say. And if we ask him to go into another room and get a specific item, he will; we can ask him to point out colors, some letters and numbers, and all sorts of objects/animals, and so forth. He just doesn’t talk, he observes. Speech therapy is suggested at two-years old if the kiddo has a small vocabulary. I’m not concerned, I know he’ll talk eventually. Our doctor agreed with me and is cool with waiting six months since I’m around him all the time and know his abilities. The kid was doing somersaults at 8 months and walking at 10 months, so I’m thinking coordination and mobility have been his thing instead of talking. And I hear once they start talking they don’t stop. Bonus!

Here is the non-talking, semi-tall two-year old in his new rain gear (we refuse to let the rain keep us indoors this winter):

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