Thankfully Impatient

It’s November. Thankful post month on Facebook. I’m impatient, so here is my thankful list for each day in November.

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way:

1. The husband, who after all these years is still the best partner I could ask for. All he wants is for me to be happy, no matter what. And, it is he who makes me happy. High school love does last.

2. Blaise, our compassionate, energetic, focused little guy. He is a happy little fellow, always smiling and laughing and wanting to learn anything and everything. I love how when I look at him I can see my dad, Brian, and me in him … both physically and in his mannerisms. And I love how he is a neat-freak, rule-follower, and a fan of wearing a green hair bow.

3. Laine, our happy, giggly, determined little gal. She is assertive and knows what she wants, and how to go about getting it in an adorably cute manner (when she’s not upset). I love how she goes with the flow and is just happy being around us and how she wants to be like brother. And I love her curls, spunky walk-run, and infectious laugh.

4. Family, for unconditional love and for helping shape who I am (the good and bad).

5. Friends, old and new; those I’ve met in real life and those online only; ones I talk with daily and ones I talk with rarely, for being great partners in life, parenting, and everything else that pops up along the way.

And in no particular order, everything else:

6. Automatic sliding van doors for making kiddo insertion and extraction super simple. And I have plenty of room for my spontaneous shopping trips. I never wanted a van but I love the sucker.

7. To live in a country—specifically area—with religious freedom. And to live in an area where there’s no expectation of being religious.

8. Being able to stay home with the kiddos. And another shout-out to Brian for working to make this happen, and fully supporting my decision to stay home indefinitely or go back to work eventually.

9. Professional hair dryers, because nobody’s hair should take over 25 minutes to blow dry.

10. For two easy pregnancies and deliveries. And in vain, no stretchmarks.

11. Living in a beautiful, nature-rich area. In just a short drive (or even from home) I can see Mt. Rainier, bald eagles, deer, water, and trees galore. And geese, can’t forget the geese.

12. The ability to run, it makes me feel great, clears my head, and keeps me physically where I want to be (even if I’m not always there).

13. My health, I’m glad I got my dad’s genes (along with lifestyle choices). And my family’s health, I’d like to keep them all around as long as possible.

14. Our time in San Luis Obispo, we grew as individuals and as a couple, graduating college, getting married, and starting our journey there in life together. SLO has, and always will have, a super special place in my heart.

15. ATMs that dispense $10 bills, sometimes $20 is too much but if I have it, I spend it.

16. Literature, good and bad, and the ability to read and get lost in my imagination.

17. Flannel sheets, enough said.

18. Our four-legged original kiddos, they make our days brighter and offer unconditional love regardless of our good or bad days, happy or sad moods.

19. Vetoryl—Mayah’s Cushing’s Disease medication—for getting her health back on track and adding years back onto her wiener dog life.

20. The internet and social media for encouraging transparency and awareness.

21. The ocean, it’s so majestic.

22. Chaise lounges, I can sit or lay down comfortably.

23. Fireplaces and hot chocolate on cold nights.

24. Washington State, especially after election day. I am so proud to live in a progressive, forward-thinking state. (Sorry, California, it has been over six years now, and we did what you couldn’t. I’m declaring myself an official Washingtonian now.)

25. The holiday season, from Halloween until New Year’s. I love the feeling in the air, the happiness around, family traditions, and the hustle and bustle of holiday events and shopping.

26. The arts, I love a good symphony or play (especially during the holiday season).

27. Wallets with wrist bands, no purse needed.

28. Fingerless gloves, toasty warm hands and wrists with easy finger use.

29. Target, I can always get what I need and find things I didn’t know I needed.

30. Life, happy to be around in this crazy world, married to the perfect husband with whom I had the perfect children with. I have no complaints.

There are many, many more things I’m thankful for (like heated car seats) but I can’t keep this post as a draft forever (I’m impatient).

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