Last Three Weeks

It’s been over three weeks since I’ve recorded what we’ve been up to. It’s a bit foggy … Laine was sick, then Brian was sick, then Blaise and I were sick. And in-between sick days, we did a few things. Thank goodness for pictures because I don’t think I’d remember without them.

Dog Park

It had been raining a few days and there was a break so I piled the pups and kiddos (still in their pajamas) in the van and went to the dog park. It was the debut of their winter hats and coats thanks to the cold weather that morning.

Rain Break

There was another break in the rain—and nobody was sick—so we went out for an afternoon park visit.


It was almost a repeat of last year having a sick kid on Halloween. Blaise had a mysterious fever out of nowhere the day before and it broke Halloween morning. I probably should have kept him home but we were antsy, he was feeling okay, and it was Halloween. Brian’s work has Trick-or-Treating up and down the office hallways and food (buffet style so we passed) in the gathering spaces. The kiddos were awesome. We weren’t sure how they’d do but they caught on quick and took only one candy at each bin. Blaise was more interested in collecting candy in his bucket (he loves putting things in things); Laine was more interested in getting strangers to tell her how cute she looked … until she had a taste of the good stuff. Then all she wanted to do was sit and eat candy. We stayed maybe two hours then left for home to eat dinner and do our regular evening routine. Total mom fail though; I unwrapped a Snickers for Blaise and as I was handing it to him remembered his peanut allergy. Thankfully he wasn’t interested in it anyway (he doesn’t like candy?!).


We’re back to attending weekly playgroup every Friday through one of my mom groups. The rain has held off the last few Friday mornings so we have been able to get our play on at local parks.

First Weekend in November

It was the first weekend we all felt well; the last few weekends someone was down so we ended up staying in mostly. A quick rundown: Saturday morning we took the kiddos to Farrel-McWhirter, then home for naps, then to the Microsoft store, then home for dinner, baths, bed. Sunday we took the kiddos to Idylwood Park for more outside play, then ran some errands, then home to have a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Last Week

It was the start of another week with mostly rain in the forecast. Monday was rain free so we went to our favorite park, Farrel-McWhirter, to meet up with some friends and enjoy rain puddles, see the animals, and ride some bikes.

Tuesday was supposed to rain so we made plans to meet a friend at Toddler Time in Bellevue. It ended up not raining so we had Toddler Time all to ourselves.

Wednesday we stayed in; I had house things to do and it just felt like a pajama day. The kiddos did crafts in the morning. Blaise is a fan of the stamps, but he isn’t a fan of getting ink on his hands (he’s a clean freak … that’s my guy!).

Thursday, another lazy day inside. The sitter came for the morning to play with the kiddos so I could run some errands. In the afternoon I was on a roll with house stuff (I’m always redecorating) so the kiddos played puzzles and in-between reading books with them, I was able to get stuff done around the house. I only have one picture from that day, Laine getting herself stuck in the fort we made (she wasn’t a happy camper and yet I took a moment to snap a picture).


It was another non-rainy day for our weekly playgroup. And since I was hosting and we’re in the midst of preparing for wood floor installation, I suggested a park. We went to Central Park in the Highlands in the cold. The kiddos were a bit moody but had fun anyway.

Last Weekend

Saturday was my planned November 5k run. I went, I just didn’t run. I painted our dining room earlier in the week and while taping the ceiling, Blaise climbed up the ladder, I tripped on him, knocked him off, fell down, and to avoid him rolled into the dining room table while a chair fell on me. My damage, two sprained toes (Blaise was fine). I suffered through a pedicure (haha) but running was out. Our friend was running it too, so we went to cheer him on. And bonus, the kiddos got to play outside. After the race we went to breakfast, then home for naps before heading back out to Redmond with the trike and scooter in tow (our gracious friend has loaned us their scooter and it’s a huge hit!). We went to our friends Mike and Katherine’s house who live behind an elementary school so we took the trike, scooter, and kiddos to ride and play on the playground. We finished out evening with pizza, then headed home for a much needed night of sleep.

Sunday we had zero plans. My kind of weekend. I like to go with the flow on weekends and not be on any time schedule. I slept in until 9:30am (which is about 1pm in pre-kid time) then had a lazy rest of the day. I pretty much took the day off and Brian took over kid duty besides escaping for an hour while they napped. Brian rocks. I did hang pictures on the newly painted, toe spraining dining room wall while the kiddos napped and Brian was at Starbucks. He asked that I not hang them while he was home … I make multiple nail holes that drives him crazy but I only had three go wrong this time! And I now have an obsession with Mason jars (not sure where it came from). We ended the weekend with all the dishes done, one load of laundry left, and a clean house all before watching Dexter. Perfect end to a nice weekend.

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