2015: Week 3

This week started with dance and swimming, followed by a play date at our neighbors. Busy day. Brian’s mom was still in town so she came along to watch the kiddos at both classes. What fun they are to watch at dance. They are so aware of each other, always palling around and making sure the other is close by. Even the teacher noticed how close they are; she even had to put a little space between them a few times. The teacher told them there will be a recital, and Blaise told her, “I’m ready for the stage.” I love that he is the only boy in a room full of little girls all dolled up in their tutus. It doesn’t even faze him. Heck, I’m surprised he doesn’t want one too.

We left dance for swimming, with a little time to kill in-between. We hit Starbucks and picked a few things up at the grocery store before changing in the van from dance clothes to swim clothes. Swimming was smooth, with Blaise the dare devil and Laine the cautious one. We came home after to eat lunch before heading over to our neighbors to play. Needless to say, the kiddos were zonked by 5pm.


Tuesday was a school day with nothing special to report. Wednesday was a lazy, at-home day. Lots of imaginative play and a little down time in the afternoon thanks to Martha Speaks and Wild Kratts. Thursday was another school day with nothing special to report either.

Friday was my birthday, 36. Brian and I are the same age (he likes to point this out every year between my birthday and his). I actually enjoy getting older. Brian brought in a huge bouquet of balloons (to which the store employee thought it was odd he was getting a cat balloon for his wife… not odd, I loved it!). The kiddos thought it was great and immediately started asking when we’d have cake. When we said not until after dinner, they decided to do experiments. One of the best, most played with purchases yet.

My friend and her daughter came over for a play date and to chat about our plans for homeschooling in the fall. I’ve known that’s our plan for a while but it’s about that time to sit down and start putting things on paper. It’s nice to already have a friend who plans to do the same. Brian came home early with an ice cream cake (my birthday tradition) and pizza. We had a small celebration over dinner and then it was like any other night. My favorite kind of day (or birthday). To end the night, Saige rolled for the first time. And rolled, and rolled. Once she figured it out, she became a rolling machine.


I made plans with a friend to hike Poo Poo Point on Saturday (the kiddos said that’s not a very nice name, haha). I had always wanted to but never got around to it before kids and now with kids, it’s not a kid-friendly hike. I was hoping it’d give me the inspiration to get back in shape (I’m SO out of shape). I had to stop a few times to catch my breath or give my legs a quick rest but I made it to the top. What a beautiful hike. I’m hoping to do it again (faster) in the near future. I was zonked after and had the never-ending start of a migraine later in the day. I went to bed at 9pm and slept until 8:30am Sunday. That was glorious.

Poo Poo Point

Sunday was errand day. Best time to run errands? When the Seahawks are playing. It was so dead out—more dead than any weekday ever. Aside from Trader Joe’s, I managed to get all of my errands checked off. Which rarely happens with the whole family in tow. Feeling productive after errands, I ran. My legs surprisingly felt great after the hike so I milked them. What a great run. I’m still not exercising as often as I’d like (I’m my own worst enemy) but I’m happy to be doing a little… hoping it snowballs to more in the coming weeks.

Errand Dad

Who needs toys when you have toilet paper and paper towels?! The kiddos helped put things away after the errands. Such helpers.

Tower Blaise Tower Laine



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