2015: Week 4

Another standard week. Looking at the date, I can’t believe it’s almost February already. Next week will be Christmas. It’s amazing how time flies. I remember how long it took to turn 16, it felt like the slowest year ever. Now, I blink and a whole year goes by. Back to the week…

Monday: dance and swimming. Nothing special to report. In dance they are starting to work on their recital formation, with Laine up front and Blaise in the center. Swimming brought out the dare devil in Blaise again, jumping in the deep end with no hesitation while cautious Laine “jumped” from a seated position. Saige is becoming a mover and a shaker… she started in the center of the mat. About that time to get the gates on the stairs up.

Saige Mat

Tuesday: school day. Let me rephrase that, a muddy school day. I arrived a bit early to pick them up and waited in the car with Saige (who was sleeping). Teacher Ann walked past and came over to warn me I had really muddy kids. Boy was she right! Mud made its way through both pairs of long johns, rain pants, two pairs of socks, and their boots were full of mud. They had to ride home in their undies. Needless to say, they had a great time at school. Teacher Roo said Laine was just sitting in the mud stirring it up with a stick. I love how their school encourages playing in the mud and getting dirty. It’s not a great day unless you need a bath. Which they did… we came straight home to do laundry and take baths. It was almost factory-like: Blaise, Laine, Saige. Three kiddos cleaned back-to-back.

Muddy Kiddos

Wednesday: lazy, at-home, recovery day. It started with Legos for Blaise (shocker). Laine is slower to get going despite always being the first one up. She likes to have her glass of chocolate milk, maybe watch a show or cuddle on the couch for a bit, and then she gets going. It was a Lego and imaginative play day. Saige was indoctrinated into the excessively large bows on baby club (which Laine was never a part of, it’s just not my style). Laine picked a bow out during our errands last Sunday and thought Saige should wear it. It lasted about five minutes before Laine wanted it back.

Lego Blaise
Construction Kiddos Saige Bow

Thursday: school then laziness. Nothing special to report either. I actually don’t remember much of Thursday despite it being just a few days ago. I do remember Blaise typing his name, and Saige and Leilah napping while I watched Project Runway (the one show I turn the TV on for all week).

Blaise Typing Nappers

Friday: Saige had her four-month wellness check and Blaise had a Lego class. Brian went to work early and came home for the day at lunch so he could go to the doctor with us and take Blaise to Play Well TEKnologies. Saige stats: 18 pounds, 26.5 inches, and happy as a clam (are clams really happy?). She got two shots too, and took them like a champ. We came home after and had a little down time before Brian left with Blaise. I’ve know about Play Well TEKnologies from my homeschool research (they have homeschool classes that are on my list for when the kiddos are older). They had a Lego ornament workshop in December that Brian took Blaise to. He had a blast and Brian was impressed with the program they run. Most classes start at age five but they have family nights each month, which is what they went to on Friday. It was a class on making motorized Lego cars. Brian said Blaise had an amazing time. He built his car—which he turned into a tow truck—and he won the race. Needless to say, he will be going to every family night until he turns five and can attend a class. Laine, Saige, and I had a nice time at home while the guys were gone. Blaise wanted to go to pizza with Brian on the way home so they stopped and had a total guy’s night out.

Lego Blaise Lego Blaise Lego Blaise
Lego Blaise Lego Blaise Tired Lego Blaise
Cheesy Laine

Saturday: yesterday and I already forgot, and had to remember what we did. Nothing. At least nothing special. I’m in a constant purge mode so I unintentionally started cleaning out our closet and the linen closet. I purged medicines that expired, extra sheets we never use, old socks, shoes, clothes… it’s all shinny clean now. And thanks to my basket addiction, it was like shopping around our place to find additional baskets for organizing our closet. I pretty much had Saige all day while Brian took on the big kiddos giving me a semi-day off from being a mom of three.

Sunday, today: in our on-going effort to get on a set schedule, Brian and I set the alarm for 5:15am and actually got up then (I was actually up from 4:30am on but stayed in bed, Brian snores). It’s amazing how much more productive the day feels when it starts early. We were able to have time to ourselves before the kiddos woke and we were ready to get the day started once they did. My plan was to go for a run once they woke up, and I did. Blaise decided to come with me, knowing he’d have to sit in a stroller for a bit. He hadn’t been in a stroller in maybe two years so he looked so big! He said, “It’s kind of fun riding in a stroller.” He was a great running partner; he rode in the stroller without complaint. He asked to stop at the boat dock so we could watch boats come and go so we did, and we also stopped later in the run to look for a frog we heard. We didn’t find him but listened to him croak a few more times. The run was really great, I felt on and would have likely kept going if we didn’t have to head back home (Brian wanted to leave for some errands and I wanted to honor that). We walked back in to Laine making scrambled eggs for us. Brian has taught her how to crack the eggs, mix them, pour them in the pan and cook them on the stove. All Brian does is set everything up and turn on the stove, Laine does the rest. Not to shabby for a 3.5-year-old. (He’s found that if she makes them, she’ll eat them.) As the kiddos like to point out, we had a family breakfast (although it’s never the correct mealtime… they usually say family dinner). Saige woke up right as we sat down to eat so it truly was a family breakfast.

blaise-stroller blaise-dock blaise-race

Brian went on errands after breakfast and then came back home. The Stewarts came over and we all went to Red Robin for lunch. On our way back home, we stopped by Sammamish Library and picked up the Enormous Crocodile for bedtime reading. The kiddos are enjoying chapter books and watching their faces while they listen to the story is adorable. And then asking what they think will happen next, super adorable. Brian took off for Tully’s to get some work done and once he was back home, it was time for the bedtime routine… including the Enormous Crocodile (which was a hit).

It’s a little past 9pm now and we’re already upstairs with the plan to turn the lights out about 10:30pm so we can get up early again tomorrow morning. Hopefully we keep it up.

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