Blaise is five! How he is five is beyond me. The days are long but the years are short, so true.

In keeping with tradition, we’ve had the other kiddo pick out decorations and Brian and I decorate the night before their birthday while they’re in bed. Blaise wanted nothing to do with that. He wanted to pick out his decorations and he wanted to help decorate, “I don’t really like surprises,” he says getting out of bed while we were in the middle of decorating. Our five-year-old Type A mini-me. (I totally understand.) And since we’re at my moms, I asked her if I was always like that, too. She said yes, and how it sucks as a parent because you want to surprise your kiddo but they aren’t into it. (I totally understand that now, too.) So while the girls were asleep, Blaise helped us decorate the room with the decorations he and I bought earlier at the 99 cents only store (we’ve branched out from the Dollar Tree) for his birthday. Everything was to his satisfaction so he and Brian went looking for toads after. He was fast asleep after successfully finding a few toads. His last night as a four-year-old.

type-a-blaise last-4-pic

The morning of his birthday, I asked him what he wanted to do. He said, “I kind of have a headache so I want to stay home.” It’s his latest thing; to not feel well so he can stay home. (Again, my mini-me. I’m a homebody.) The day before he said he was probably going to have an itchy throat so we would probably have to stay home. I wish he’d nix the excuses about not feeling well and admit he likes to stay home. I asked him a few times throughout the morning about going anywhere and he was consistent with not wanting to. I stopped asking… nothing worse than giving an answer and having to give the same answer over and over to someone who keeps asking. We stayed home. He wanted to play LEGOs and watch LEGO videos (his latest thing). We had ordered his cake on Monday and it was ready at 4pm on his birthday. He was up for going to get that. He and I set out to pick up the cake around 4:30pm.


When Lainey Bug and I went shopping Monday for birthday presents, I bought one LEGO set but had debated about another one. Earlier on his birthday, he was looking at LEGO sets and said he wanted the one I had debated about (without knowing I had). So on the way to pick up the cake, I made a pit stop with him to get the LEGO set. We bought a gift bag to put it in, too. =) LEGO set, check. Cake, check. Candles, check. Back to my mom’s we went to celebrate with pizza, cake, and cousins.


It was a good birthday and he enjoyed the day which is all that matters. He’s the best five-year-old I know.

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