We are a baby-free family (for now). Saige turned one September 17. Another kid, another year flies by.

First picture as a one-year-old!


She added the headband after a few shots. 


The day was pretty ho-hum. Brian was in Seattle, my mom was working, and the kids and I had what has become a standard, semi-lazy day. We set out to get decorations and order a cake for the celebration we planned Saturday when Brian was back. We made it to Target and back home with nothing we set out for. We did manage to get Saige a birthday gift though, a ride-on elephant toy with a bouncing seat (a must for her, she’s been trying to bounce on the other ride-on toy that doesn’t have a bouncing seat).

Evidence of no bouncing seat yet still bouncing:

Problem solved, a bouncing seat:

The rest of her actual birthday was the continuation of lazy, culminating with an early bedtime for all three kiddos. Nothing feels better than a 6pm bedtime… Brian had been gone all week—due back late the next night—and I was done playing non-stop mom. (And I should add that he was originally going to be gone until the following Thursday, which would have been 11 days. What was I thinking back in August?!) Saige didn’t care much though, she has a great day every day. Life is good for the (now) toddler.

Saturday we celebrated with Brian back. Cousins and Brian’s mom came over to join in the fun. The curse of being the third kiddo, no big party like the first two had. (She didn’t care.) For not having much of a plan, the celebration came together nicely. The kiddos and I made it to the Dollar Tree to get decorations (our birthday decoration go-to now), and Brian and Blaise hit the store to get a cake and cupcakes before coming back home to set up for the festivities. The kiddos take decorating pretty seriously.



We ate dinner, sang happy birthday to a bewildered Saige, gave her a cupcake and slice of cake to go at, followed by a clean-up bath, and then presents. Needless to say, the one-year-old was exhausted. She’s usually is in bed by 6:30pm but was up until 8pm to party. She was out the minute her head hit the bed. The big kiddos were out quickly too, followed by Brian and me. It was a nice evening and we had happy kiddos who had yet another great day, birthday celebrating aside.

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