Circle Painting

I’ve been saving the cardboard paper towel rolls for a few weeks now and needed something to do with them. Paint is always a hit and since Saige was napping, I set up the art table with paper plates full of washable tempura paint and cut the cardboard rolls into thirds to use for painting. The idea was to make circle art but the kiddos got creative with the cardboard and then ended up using their fingers.

Cardboard Tubes
Tempura Paint
Paper Plates
Paper (we prefer cardstock)

Using cardboard rolls as paintbrushes…


circlepaint02 circlepaint03

…ended up finger painting (or hand painting, Laine covered her hands in black paint). 

circlepaint05 circlepaint06 circlepaint07 circlepaint08

This was what I was thinking when I set things up. The kiddos took it in their own creative direction, go them. That’s the beauty of art!


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