Marble Painting

The kiddos were home from school thanks to Pink Eye. They were sad they had to miss so I suggested we do some art. I recently finished transforming the unused dining room into an art/learning space and we have been doing more art together. Specifically more painting since it’s so close to the kitchen for easy clean-up. When I moved everything downstairs, I found some marbles. Sad, Pink Eyed kiddos, an art space, marbles, easy clean-up… marble painting.

Tempura Paint
Muffin Tin (my preferred paint holder)
Box Lids/Trays
Paper (we used construction paper)

It was pretty straight-forward. I set up the paint in a muffin tin, my preferred paint holder; put a spoon and few marbles in each color; gave each kiddo a box lid; and had them select a paper color. They got to it quickly, spooning the marbles on the paper in the box lid, and then tilting the lids around and around making the paint-coated marbles roll. They each did three or so paintings which entertained them for about an hour.


Laine and her silly face. She’s the family comedian.


Saige wanted in on the action, and probably wondered why we were using her spoons.

04-marble-paint 06-marble-paint

Vaile supervised.


Saige joined in, using her hands instead of marbles to paint.

08-marble-paint 09-marble-paint 10-marble-paint

Laine took it pretty seriously, working to coat the entire sheet of paper with paint from the marbles.


The aftermath. It was much cleaner than I thought it would be. Clean-up was painless.



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