Meet Melvin!


We’re back to being complete with two pups. It’s been almost a year since we lost Leilah, and I still struggle with her loss. (Teary eyes now.) She was my sidekick and shadow, always around but never bothersome. She was a loving pup who was always smiling and thought life was just wonderful. Nothing fazed her, except for that rabbit statue that she’d bark at every.single.time. We were lucky to have her over 13 years before her heart gave out.

Leilah Pup
Leilah pup, age 13 here.

After losing her during the house selling and buying/building chaos, moving before our house was finished, being “homeless” in California between houses, then having to rent an apartment to live in for six weeks, having Vaile early—no wonder my blood pressure was so high—we knew it wasn’t best to add another pup to our family during all that nonsense. And I wasn’t 100% certain I wanted to get another pup because I didn’t want to ever go through losing another. It was so freaking hard. After we moved in before Thanksgiving, I was ready to start looking for the perfect pup.

It was the holidays and we were busy with new house stuff and that whole newborn thing, so I’d casually look online when I had a moment… and when I’d see a pup I’d take in a heartbeat, the requirements were insane. No kids under six, under 16, adults only, no cats, must bring other family dogs to meet adoptable dog… all things that made sense but when I was eyeing an eight-year-old pup whom I wanted to give an excellent home to, it felt absurd. Understandable (I suppose). It seemed easier to have a baby than adopt a pup. The hospital just lets you take babies home, no questions asked. And really, that feels weird.

No luck finding the one online. I took a break from looking. Mayah had another she’s on death’s door scare. I decided I’d focus fully on her and that maybe it wasn’t ideal timing to get another pup. Multiple vet visits later, she was back to her 15-year-old [slower] trucking along self… she’s the dog who keeps on going (thankfully!). With her back to herself, I started thinking maybe a buddy would be good for her. She and Leilah were always around one another, perhaps she would benefit from some canine companionship.

Two weekends ago I was in full-blown I want a dog mode. I had a commitment Saturday afternoon and planned to go to the shelter afterward. I never made it there; my thing ran longer than planned. Sunday we were caught up with everything errands and house stuff. The weeks are filled with kiddos and responsibilities (aka, adulting) so dog finding had to wait. Last Saturday, we didn’t have much going on. We went to the Carnation egg hunt, on a few errands, and then back home to enjoy a quiet afternoon.

Brian was making lunch while I casually perused at pups online. Within a few minutes, I found the most perfect pup… size, age, look (not that looks matter but he reminds me of Leilah, which is a nice homage), and a mutt, my preference. His name was Romeo, about 1.5-years-old, around 20 pounds, neutered, crate trained, and described as a friendly, sweet guy who enjoys being a lap dog… just perfect! I emailed the rescue place and within minutes, they emailed an application back. If I could get the application in quickly, I could go meet him later in the day. I sent that sucker in as quickly as I could. Not long after, they responded and said I could come meet him.

He was perfect.

Apparently he was running the streets in Idaho for a few weeks with a Jack Russel Terrier before being captured and sent to a shelter… a kill shelter. He was on death row. Thankfully he was saved and made his way to Issaquah (and to us!).

He is perfect. He’s in our family now, and we couldn’t be happier.

Melvin joined our family Saturday evening, not long after we met him. When we got home, we all went out back. Brian was mowing the lawn, Mike and Katherine came over, there was some trampoline action going on, Mayah was giving him the once-over, the kiddos were up past bedtime and overly-excited about him… he was slightly overwhelmed at first but was in the mix in no time. Timing was perfect. There was just enough action before the calm for him to see how things are around here. Brian and I were able to enjoy a few hours with him alone before bed, lying on the floor in front of the fire with him (it was past 9pm, Mayah put herself to bed, haha). He warmed up to Brian easily, of course.

Whomever lost him is missing out. Big time. He’s amazing and super smart. He loves to snuggle and be around us all the time. He’s kind and gentle with the kiddos and bonded easily with Mayah. We can tell he’s extremely loyal, too. And super sweet. Perfect, he’s perfect. And I am enjoying having a sidekick and shadow again. He’s much like Leilah, follows me around everywhere. I really missed that type of companionship.

Sunday we took him to Mud Bay and outfitted him with a collar, harness, leash, food, toys, and treats. We already had a room (aka, crate). I bought him a large dog bed, although he prefers the couch. He’s all set. It’s nice having an active pup again, one who enjoys walks and is eager to head out. Heck, just a pup who can walk up the stairs. Poor Miss Mayah has arthritis and a sensitive back so we carry her (she has the life!). And her idea of a walk is to the end of our driveway and back. Sometimes to the neighbor’s driveway and back if she’s feeling good! I’ve been taking Melvin on long walks 2-3 times a day. And when I get back, Brian takes him out for another spin. I imagine he’ll be up for running on the trail with me and long hikes; the pup has energy! He’s pretty amazing at night too, easily walks into his crate at bedtime and doesn’t make a peep until morning. I felt like a new mom the first night, checking on him a few times. He was too quiet. But he was fine.

He’s been with us for almost a week now and it feels like he’s been here all along. He fits perfectly into our family and lifestyle, and I see many happy times ahead. And here’s hoping Mayah is around for many of those happy times. He has brought out the puppy in her; she has a new skip in her step and it’s nice to see. They’re already palling around and keeping tabs on one another. I knew she missed Leilah, I didn’t realize how much. The cats couldn’t care less… it’s a dog, no big deal. And he doesn’t seem to care much about the cats. They all hang out in the same room together.

We named him Melvin. Astro was the first runner up. Blaise wanted to name him Scrubby and Laine suggested Handsome. I was favoring Richard or Andre. Melvin won out in the end, and it’s a family name so it seemed fitting.

117-mar2016 114-mar2016
Melvin with Blaise and Laine; Melvin on his new dog bed… the one he’s used about three times. =)
Mid-day pup walk with the little gals.
Hiker pup.
Why sit on the floor when there is a comfy king size bed?!
104-mar2016 99-mar2016
Blurry playing pups.
Mayah and Leilah back in the day.


  1. fragedy

    I’m so happy you found your perfect dog!

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