March Twenty Sixteen

The year is a fourth of the way finished. That went fast. There must be some sort of mathematical equation or physics theory that explains why time goes faster the older you get. Last week, March. Next week, Christmas. Feels about right.

March was a better month. I was in a mood most of February. Being back to myself in March and the weather improving, we started to enjoy life in our new ‘hood. I LOVE it here. Not only do I love our house and backyard, I love the walkability to everything. New dog, walk on up to the off-leash dog park. Kiddos want to swing, walk over to the yellow park. Need a little snack, walk up to the ice cream shop. Need stamps, walk on over to the (cutest little) post office. Need bread, walk to the local grocery store where they know everyone. Feel like dipping your toes in some water, walk to the river (two to choose from!). Want to go on a hike, walk around the corner to the trail. Feel like running, walk up the street to the trail. Need a pick-me-up, walk to the local coffee shop (or Starbucks of course). Seriously, we can walk anywhere and have our needs (or wants) met. And the whole small town feel. LOVE that, too. People are much more laid back and easy going. When we moved to Issaquah 10 years ago, it had a different feel. A feel I liked. I’m just happy to be in Carnation, much more my thing at this point in my life.

March highlights include Melvin, our newest family member; a new trampoline; and Saigers hit 18-months so now she’s closer to people asking, “What’s she about, two-and-a-half?”

March, as remembered by pictures… after a laughing Vaile:

Lainey Bug asked for bangs when Carrie was here last. As much as I’m not a bangs on kid fan, she needed them since she always had hair in her face. I always see little girls and it’s pretty much written on their forehead, my mom cuts my bangs. It makes me smile because I know it’ll make for a good laugh when they look back as adults. I have a few of those… including that one mullet-type hair cut I had since I would chew my hair. My parents thought that was a great idea. Nothing says early ’80s like a mullet.


Carrie braided her hair because why not? Laine left those braids in for a few days before they started to look more like dreadlocks. I’m not a great girl hair mom… I should probably get on that.


Saige did her hair and thought she was looking good.


Who doesn’t wear a unicorn mask to bed?!

06-mar2016 07-mar2016

Blaise has been into making his own coloring sheets. We’ll look up online how to draw something (fire truck, dump truck, excavator, train, etc.). We work together to draw and then he does the coloring.

08-mar2016 09-mar2016

Equality. Blaise wanted a Teddy bear. So they all got one. (They only had three in stock. I still need to get Vaile one. Thankfully she’ll never know hers came later.)


Just another day using the art room.


Blaise, my co-parent, got Saige ready one morning. I walked in and he was helping her brush her teeth and put clips in her hair.

15-mar2016 16-mar2016

Valie being Vaile. The Happy Chappy as the kiddos call her.


Well, this was a bad idea. I bought some bookshelves that came with styrofoam packaging. The kiddos asked if they could take their [toy] saws to it. I said sure, as long as they kept it all inside the box. I should have known better but I needed them occupied. After they were finished, it looked like it had snowed. I had to empty the vacuum canister twice before getting all the styrofoam bits up. Fun for them, not for me. At least they were happy and enjoyed themselves.

18-mar2016 19-mar2016

We bought a trampoline. The alternative was a play structure, which sounds great for now but a trampoline won because the lifespan of use will be longer. And, I like to jump so bonus. Brian, Mr. Safety, had requirements. And after researching trampolines, we were sold on a Springfree. There’s a store in Issaquah. We went, tried them all out, picked the large square one, and done. They delivered and assembled it a few days later.

20-mar2016 21-mar2016

Blaise made sure we got the basketball hoop. From the kiddo who never has shown an interest in basketball. Saige wasn’t sure at first; now she climbs up in there on her own, zips herself in, and jumps away. Vaile loves the trampoline, belly laughs and all when she’s in there.


Brian was on Saige duty while attempting to assemble the bookshelves (from the styrofoam packaging). I suggested giving her the dot dot markers because they occupy her for a bit. Well, she was in rampage mode and ate them instead. Needless to say, he didn’t get the bookshelves assembled.


On another day, Brian and Saige did some art without eating anything.

Laine was riding while I hung out with the horses. This is Ira, and he knows that I’m not a horse person. We had a stare-down. He’s handsome, I’m just not interested in horses in the slightest. Id rather hang with a cow or a goat. They’re cuter.


Lainey Bug is a natural. She’s riding on her own now, not long after her third lesson at this stable. It’s pretty cute, all the older horse ladies stick around to watch Laine ride. The owner of the property came over to tell me that Laine coming is the highlight of her week, and that the reason they bought the property and have lessons is so they can see the love of horses and riding grow in the younger generations. What a compliment. =) I know nothing about horses or what she’s supposed to be doing or how well she manages but I gather it’s all good. I need to get on learning about everything horses because this is not a phase. It’s nice to see Laine passionate about something and work hard… kiddo works hard at home by thinking up the most elaborate excuses why she shouldn’t have to do any hard work.


We needed to hit the grocery store after her lesson and the Starbucks barista was handing out free hot chocolates. Score for Laine.

26-mar2016 27-mar2016

Scooting park kiddos wearing rain suits they found in their dressers and ill-fitting helmets. New helmets, on the list.

29-mar2016 30-mar2016 31-mar2016 32-mar2016 33-mar2016 34-mar2016 35-mar2016

I’m reliving my youth and going through a Queen phase. It’s amusing hearing the kiddos sing all their songs. And after watching the video for Bicycle Race, they want to go see the Solstice Cyclists in Fremont. It’s on the calendar.


Oldest and youngest girls.

37-mar2016 38-mar2016

Puddles, always a huge hit. I keep her rain pants and boots on the back porch. She usually keeps them on for about 10 minutes before stripping everything off. I think it’s her way of getting multiple baths.

42-mar2016 43-mar2016

The pillow wall. The ridiculous pillow wall. Laine’s been sleeping on Blaise’s bottom bunk. He likes to harass her by hanging over the side (or hanging whatever he can over the side) so she builds a pillow wall to block him. She’s behind there somewhere.


Baby chicks! The farm where the kiddos go to school has baby chicks, ducks, and some other baby birds. They have baby pigs now, too. It’s that time of year.

45-mar2016 46-mar2016 47-mar2016

Rampage Saige. She climbs on the back of the jumparoo and goes to town. With Vaile in it of course. Mayah was hopeful there was food involved.


Rider Laine, with a proper fitting helmet now. We bought the first one online and it had excellent reviews, with several reviews saying it fit their four/five/six year olds. Either those kiddos have large heads or Laine has a small head. Either way, that’s the last time we buy a helmet online. There is a horse store in Woodinville, a great local place with helpful staff. Laine’s new helmet fits like a glove. And bonus, they had purple.


This kid LOVES horses. Here she’s brushing Hershey after her ride.


Saiger’s 18-month check-up. She’s all good. No shots until two… not that she’d care. I don’t think she’s ever cried for a shot. I forget her stats but she was off the charts height-wise for a two-year-old, so I imagine she’s considered huge. And since most people ask if she’s 2.5, I gather she looks huge. I have no idea.


Scooter Saige! A friend posted her son’s old scooter on the consign site so I grabbed it up. Next she needed a helmet, to the bike shop we went. The helmet was five times as much as the scooter but hey, safety first.


At school pick-up. Kiddo is attentive. She always throws a fit when I put her in a bucket swing. Turns out she wants to swing like a big kid. And, being five trapped in an 18-month-old, she managed to use her body to gain momentum to swing on her own. I was impressed.


I bought the kiddos a teepee. They’re getting in touch with their heritage.

58-mar2016 XX-mar2016

Our attempt at making bird nests. We ended up with nests but not nearly as pretty what we were going for. We had fun. That’s all that matters.

60-mar2016  62-mar2016

Vaile supervised.


Flower World. Now that we have this massive (for us) backyard, I’ve been interested in planting things. We ordered four planter boxes and I’d like to add some color along the back fence. While the kiddos are in school, I’ve been hitting up the local nurseries to get ideas and price things out. Katherine knew about Flower World so we went. Man, that place is HUGE. We spent about an hour there and left with several ideas. We’ll be going back soon.

63.1-mar2016 63.2-mar2016

If there is a puddle—no matter how small—a kid will find that sucker.

63.3-mar2016 63.4-mar2016 63.5-mar2016 63.6-mar2016


64-mar2016 65-mar2016 63-mar2016

How I load the dishwasher. Every.single.time. Mayah!


Saige waiting for a friend! We had a (rare) play date with a kiddo her age. Usually all the kiddos who come over are three or older. She had no idea what she was waiting for but she was waiting.


Vaile waited, too. Also had no idea.


She was so excited to have someone her size. They had a great time.


The Carnation Egg Hunt. It was separated by age groups, which was a great idea. Brian took the big kiddos to the area for ages 4-7 while I took Saige (and Vaile) to the younger one.

72-mar2016 73-mar2016 74-mar2016 75-mar2016

Saige was pretty excited about the rock she found. The eggs, eh, no big deal.

76-mar2016 77-mar2016 79-mar2016

“Mom, take my picture on the rock please.”


“Mine, too!”


Brian bought a lawn mower. I would have hired gardeners but whatever. If he wants to deal with it, more power to him. Maybe he wants to relive his youth where he had to mow the lawn every.single.weekend.


Melvin! We added to our family. =) I did a post all about him.


Snugs hanging with Laine while she sleeps. Brian got tired of dealing with the pillow wall and nixed it last week. She’s back to sleeping in her room now, haha.


Easter morning! We hide baskets. And by baskets, I mean a basket and a few gifts. We don’t do the Easter Bunny nor do we celebrate Easter for any religious reason… it’s all for fun. A few years ago the excitment was finding eggs. Now it’s all about finding the basket and gifts first; the eggs are secondary. Funny to see that preference evolve.

89-mar2016 90-mar2016 92-mar2016

Saige was more into the eggs filled with jelly beans than her basket.


We’re back to musical beds. Saige sleeping in Laine’s bed.


A rare picture, all four in one shot. Even though you can’t really see Laine.


We don’t always do fun, exciting things around here. The kiddos iPading in the teepee while the little ones slept. I needed quiet. =)


The hill behind our house is state land and also the flood evacuation trail. Hike away.


Mid-day pup walk with the little gals.


The boys. Moosie sleeping with Blaise.


We went to the tulips.




March 31, a beautiful warm, sunny day. At school pickup all the layers were off and on the table. It really feels like spring these days.


That was March. Not very exciting. It’s April now and it’s going fast, shocker. Like Nan used to say, “It’s Monday and then it’s Friday.”

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