Blaise Date

The Art of the Brick exhibit came to Seattle at the Pacific Science Center in May. I kept meaning to take Blaise and then summer happened. And with summer comes crowds (I actively avoid crowds). I forgot about the exhibit… until I remembered the last week it was in town. I decided to take Blaise on a weekday date when Lisa was here to hang with the little ones. And since we were going to be at Seattle Center, I decided to take him to the Space Needle for lunch.

Lisa had a 15-year-old gal, Maite, staying with her from Majorca, Spain. She is the daughter of a friend of Lisa’s family and she wanted to spend time in the United States before going back to school. Maite had come with Lisa to watch the kiddos the week before and when I mentioned to Lisa I was taking Blaise, she asked if Maite could join us. Of course… she’s a great gal and Blaise really likes her. The three of us left to Seattle for the Art of the Brick, where we met up with a school/homeschool friend of Blaise’s.

The exhibit was really cool! I like LEGOs and all, and I love how much Blaise loves them, but to see the art created with them was really amazing. I may have enjoyed it more than Blaise… I think he wanted to play with the LEGOs.

After the exhibit, we stopped in the Pacific Science Center and listened to a talk on illusions and then checked out the dinosaurs before heading up the Space Needle for lunch.

Blaise was super excited about the Space Needle. The best part of going on a Wednesday after school starts is that it’s pretty dead. I made reservations but even still, we were able to ride up without a packed elevator; there was ample room to walk around on the viewing deck; and we were seated right away, next to the window. Everything was mellow. Blaise was really impressed with the rotation. He and Maite made a note to stick on the windowsill asking people, what’s your name? We made it a full rotation and then some, getting the note back. When I made the reservation, I added the special dry ice dessert. They brought it after clearing our lunch plates and both Blaise and Maite were all smiles. Worth the $14 scoop of ice cream I suppose. The Space Needle is one of those super touristy things to do in Seattle… and still fun even living here (great company makes it even better).

I thought it was cute… I valet parked in front of the Space Needle and Maite said, “Oooh, like in the movies!” Haha. It was interesting talking with her about all the differences between countries. Little things that are so ingrained in our day-to-day are much different on her island. She’s a great kid (kid, I’m old!). I hope she comes back and we get to see her again. Until then, the kiddos were able to FaceTime with her when Lisa was here, and we’ll exchange snail mail.

It was a killer date for Blaise. And as always, I enjoyed my time with him away from the sisters.

sept2016-29 LEGOs!
sept2016-33 The Kiss. My mom had this art print hanging for I don’t know how long growing up. It reminds me of her every time I see it anywhere.
sept2016-36 Scream!
sept2016-39 Legos are amazing.
sept2016-40 Easter Island head. That’s a ton of gray LEGOs.
I heart this one. So simple and colorful.
sept2016-48 Peace.
sept2016-50 Pictures don’t do this one justice. Especially with the water-like light movement. Super cool.
I probably like it even more since it’s blue. My favorite color (Blaise’s, too).
sept2016-54 This red guy is my favorite of all the creations.
I think this one is cool since this is the backside of the art piece.
I probably should have noted the artwork names.
sept2016-61 Ladder arms (my name for this thing).
sept2016-62 Now this. This is amazing.
sept2016-63 With Blaise for scale.
sept2016-67 Blaise and Maite.
sept2016-68 Silly kids.
sept2016-69 Blaise being LEGO-like.
sept2016-72 What I imagine is inside of Blaise, haha.
sept2016-73 These are all that much better in person.
I really liked this one. It’s titled Be Different (or something along those lines). I want to be the colorful fish. But not a fish, just colorful. And different.
sept2016-78 LEGO person.
sept2016-80 LEGO people.
sept2016-83 Pondering life.
sept2016-84Photo op at the end. Blaise and his poses lately. Funny guy.
sept2016-88 Leaving the exhibit, he was able to get his LEGO on. Im not sure what they were doing this for but workers were encasing the fencing with LEGOs and Blaise asked if he could help.
sept2016-92 View from above facing downtown Seattle. My old stomping grounds, pre-kids.
sept2016-93 Blaise and Maite.
sept2016-97 Checking in on Karann, haha.
sept2016-104 Enjoying the view of the Sound.
sept2016-105 Ice cream on dry ice.
sept2016-106Pretty damn cool.

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