Vaile is one! October 7 was the big day. She had no idea… because, she’s one. We celebrated anyway.

Normally each kiddos’ birthday is all about them. What they want to do, where they want to eat dinner, what cake they want… except when you turn one. Which makes it easy. We spent the morning playing outside in our backyard, the afternoon at Craven Farm pumpkin patch, followed by pie at Snohomish Pie Company, and then home to have cake. Really, a normal day aside from cake (and even then, sometimes normal).

My attempts at getting that picture of the birthday gal:

Normally the kiddos get to pick out their cake. But, again, one. I ordered a quarter sheet cake a few days before, and it came with a free smash cake since it was for a first birthday. Things have changed in the last five years… when Blaise turned one, we ordered a smash cake. Except the bakery then had no idea what we meant. Maybe it was only that bakery in California but now smash cakes are the norm. They asked me what I wanted the smash cake to be and my answer, “I don’t care. Only use light frosting please.” Blaise had blue frosting which made a horrible mess. Lesson learned. We ended up with an old person looking cake, and that’s fine. She mostly smashed and smeared the thing, and it ended up in the trash. Which makes me realize how ridiculous us Americans are. Buying food to be wasted.

It was a quick cake celebration since we didn’t get home until almost 7pm. Saige didn’t even last to join in the celebration; she was fast asleep upstairs. Brian did decorate the night before as usual, although I completely forgot to take pictures (sorry, number four). And I didn’t even remember to wrap the few gifts I bought her. Thankfully she won’t remember a thing (unless she reads this when she’s older).

Here is a ridiculous amount of pictures that all look basically the same (just with more cake on the face each time):

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