Saigers is two. It was a fairly uneventful day; a typical Saturday. We didn’t go anywhere special. Mostly because we were tired (shocker) and it was nice to finally have a weekend day where we had nothing on tap. We celebrated at dinner… Mike and Katherine came over for pizza followed by cake. Presents ended the celebration before all the kiddos went up to bed. Three birthdays down, one to go.

Saige’s first pictures as a two-year-old. She was making faces.

03-saige2bday 04-saige2bday 05-saige2bday 06-saige2bday 08-saige2bday 09-saige2bday

More faces testing out the hat (not even close to dinner time). Silly kid.

11-saige2bday 12-saige2bday

Just a two-year-old swinging.

15-saige2bday 16-saige2bday

Cake! Saige is obsessed with My Little Pony. Not my first cake pick for My Little Pony but they didn’t have the cake kit for the one I wanted. I figured Saige wouldn’t care (she didn’t).


Waiting for cake.

19-saige2bday 21-saige2bday 22-saige2bday 23-saige2bday 24-saige2bday 26-saige2bday

Vaile is the luckiest little sister. Not even one and she’s had cake three times. She’s a fan.

32-saige2bday 33-saige2bday34-saige2bday


38-saige2bday 43-saige2bday 51-saige2bday

Saige had a great birthday, although she has a great day every day. Three more weeks and we celebrate Vaile, ending birthday season… and on to holiday season.

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