Baby turned three on October 7. She is such a great kiddo! Never did I think we’d have four kids, and now that we have them all I can’t imagine not having them. She is the quintessential baby of the family. In her three short years, she has the baby thing down… she’s figured out that she has people. And if you ask her what her name is, she’ll tell you, “Baby.” One of these days we’ll start calling her Vaile. Ironically, I wanted names that couldn’t be turned into nicknames; I’m not a nickname fan. But apparently I am since we all call her Baby. Maybe I just get the nickname thing now, and how they happen.

If I had to pick one quality of the kiddo, I’d say it’s her willingness to go with the flow. Because she’s the fourth, she doesn’t have much say in things. But this doesn’t bother her in the slightest. She’s just happy to be included and along for the ride. And when she goes on the ride, she is happy-go-lucky. The only downfall is she can’t always hang and falls asleep sometimes. It’s tough doing eight-year-old things in a three-year-old body.

Her last day as a two-year-old.

No birthday party for her, only a trip to Cannon Beach.

We were down in Cannon Beach for her birthday. We celebrated at the Seaside Aquarium and then back in Cannon Beach, nosing around a candy shop, toy store, and ice cream shop.

Cupcakes and presents back at the hotel.

Until four!

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