Cannon Beach

For Baby’s birthday, we decided we’d go to Cannon Beach. We had it booked back in April but it didn’t work out with our changing schedule. The other kiddos were having birthday parties and we knew we wouldn’t have one for Baby, so Cannon Beach seemed fitting. And I think it was cheaper!

We first went to Cannon Beach back in 2012 for our 10 year wedding anniversary. It was a great trip and we loved Cannon Beach… it reminded us of Pismo Beach. We’ve been back a few times since, and plan on making it an annual tradition. And keeping with tradition, we stay at the same place every time. Once we find something we like, we stick with it. Which probably explains why we’re coming up on 23 years together.

Even this time our changing schedule screwed with our trip. The original plan was to go Thursday through Saturday… until I signed the big kiddos up for a cooking class that started the Friday we would have been gone. We ended up adjusting the trip to Saturday through Monday. The big kiddos missed their Monday half-day class, oh well.

Baby turned three on Sunday! We celebrated her birthday at the Seaside Aquarium and then back in Cannon Beach, nosing around a candy shop, toy store, and ice cream shop.

We eventually made it back to the hotel where we had cupcakes and opened gifts. It was pouring rain so we decided to skip the beach in the evening that we had planned.

On the way home Monday, we stopped at the Columbia River Maritime Museum. I’m not exactly sure any of us had a real interest in going other that it was an easy stop on the way home. Brian had taken Blaise and Laine to Astoria to visit family back when I was pregnant with Saige, and I think it may have been on their list to hit back then.

Interest or not, it was a great museum. The exhibits were really nice and it was really clean. The kiddos enjoyed touring an actual ship in the water, docked outside of the museum.

Maritime kiddos and silly face kiddos.

Home was the next stop. We made it back late afternoon and it felt great to be home. We officially ended birthday season… just in time for Halloween and the holiday season.

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