Marprilay Twenty Nineteen

The year is almost half over and I have no idea where all the time went. It feels like it was just February and we were in the midst of everything snow. It’s June 19 today, 2:42pm to be exact (except now it’s the 26th as I post this sucker). And it’s the first day in ages where we have nothing on the calendar. Brian asked this morning, “Do I have any drop-off or pick-up duties today?” Nope. Nothing. Nobody has to be anywhere, nobody is coming over, nothing. A much needed day of nothing. We did have plans to go over to a friend’s house but she cancelled this morning. Bummer we don’t get to see her; score we get to do nothing. I’ll stop saying nothing.

It’s been months since I’ve updated this sucker. So let’s get to it, March, April, and May in one post. Marprilay.

But first, why I haven’t been updating. I may as well get this over with at the beginning… I’m pregnant. Five kids. Five kids?! Ugh. I’m not on board yet. And I’m almost half-way through this pregnancy. The good news is I’m finally out of the fog and feeling like a human again. It was a rough start, and I’m not sure if it was the pregnancy itself or that I have four kiddos to deal with every day and I’m pregnant. Whatever the reason, life is back to normal and I’m ignoring the fact that I’m pregnant.

Everyone is excited. Except me. I’ll get there. If it isn’t obvious, this wasn’t planned. The plan was to get Brian snipped, we just hadn’t had a free weekend for him to have downtime. Laine had gymnastics Saturdays; Saige had skiing Sundays. The plan was for him to get snipped after all that ended, likely in April. I got pregnant in March. Figures.

I was late. I’m never late. I knew I was pregnant but didn’t want to take a test because then I really would be pregnant. So I waited, hoping I was strangely late. We were in Oregon with my sister and her family, and I was five days late by then. I grabbed a test at the grocery store and tested back at the hotel. Within seconds, a thick ass blue line appeared. “Um, Brian,” I called for him from the bathroom in the hotel room. He saw the line and got super excited. Like rubbing his eyes like he does when he’s excited. You can always tell when he’s genuine because of his eye rubbing tick. It’s endearing. Me, I was in shock. I mean, it’s always a possibility. We don’t use anything. But I’m cautious about when to avoid the possibility of getting pregnant. Until now. And I’ve always been successful getting pregnant when we wanted a kid. Well, Saige took two months. Being super regular has allowed me to be birth control-free for years. That stuff is insane. All the side effects and screwing with your body’s natural cycle… not for me, at all. I looked back and realized I went to a 27-day cycle starting in December. I’m guessing how this whole situation happened, thrown off by a damn one-day change.

I’m slowly coming to terms with having another kid. And it’ll be fine. She’ll be super loved and cherished, and life will be filled with excitment for her from day one. Seeing how Baby—the fourth—has such a rich life with her older siblings and her days filled with endless activity, this kid will score even more. And adding a kid to our daily routine won’t be a big deal. Life will go on as usual, and I’ll be on auto-pilot. I mean, I’ve had four so really, what’s one more at this point? A friend has seven and she said that after three, it didn’t matter at all. I’m more bummed that life with four is great. We’re diaper-free, everyone can buckle themselves in the car, going places is fairly easy… all the benefits of the kiddos getting older. Now we’re hitting the reset button and that’s my biggest hesitation.

On the bright side, I love having babies. I mean the hospital experience. It’s actually something I look forward to. It’s like a mini-vacation. I always get induced so we check in, head to our room, and settle in before the main event. It’s nice. And I know what to expect. I always have GBS so I need to get the medication first. Then they send Brian and me out to grab lunch because I can’t eat once all the drugs start. (I’m a HUGE fan of drugs for having babies; I don’t do pain.) We grab lunch somewhere on First Hill before heading back to the hospital room. Then they start the Pitocin, I get an epidural, and within 4-5 hours, I have a baby. We kept trying to warn them how quickly I go from 1cm to 10cm when I was having Saige. They didn’t believe me. The nurses, not my doctor. “Oh, Pitocin takes a long time to kick in, it’ll be at least tomorrow before you have the baby.” One hour later, I hear, “BABY!” I was in the midst of vomiting—which I do when I get a kick of the epidural drugs, knowing the baby is coming soon—and apparently vomiting muscles are the same as baby pushing out muscles. I vomited Saige out. Haha. Here’s hoping everything goes as planned with this one come November. The thought of going into labor on my own and having to drive 45 minutes to the hospital freaks me out. I’d probably have the baby in the car with my luck. I’ve had four kiddos and have never had uncomfortable labor pains… I’d like to keep with tradition.

I’m nearly 20 weeks, and I’ve been though all the genetic testing and all looks great. It’s another girl. I was hoping it would be a boy since I’ve had three girls in a row; a little variety would have been nice. But it’s all good, a girl works. And my favorite benefit of being pregnant is I don’t have to worry about wearing summer clothes and needing a flat stomach… score! But I also can’t wait to get this kiddo out so I can get back to losing weight and hitting my goal of being in shape by 40. Looks like it’ll be 41 at this point. Speaking of being 40, for kicks I looked up the statistics of getting pregnant at 40. The overall chance of getting pregnant at 40 is between 30-40%. And the chance of getting pregnant each month is 5% at age 40. I also read somewhere that at 40, 90% of a woman’s eggs are abnormal. I guess I should be thankful, but I’m going to be slightly disgruntled a little longer.

Brian is getting snipped in July. There will be no sixth kiddo.

Getting pregnant is one highlight from the past few months. Other highlights, aside from standard month stuff:

Beaverton with cousins.
Olivia had a diving meet so my sister and her family came up from California, and we went down to meet them and cheer on Olivia.
Camp Orkila.
Baby and I made our debut in May.
Roller coasters!


Standard month stuff, March:

Gymnastics Meet #2

Laine was in the midst of the gymnastics competition season. She had competed at her first one in January and had a blast. She was super excited to attend another one, and two more were on the lineup for March. She did great! It’s been a blur since March so I can’t really remember how she did, but she seemed to finish in the top six every competition. I think third was her best? Again, blur.

This one was called the Aloha International, hence the leis.
Silly face kiddos while Laine was at her competition.


We had ice for days after all the snow. The kiddos enjoyed finding ice and breaking it up. Blaise is a little over-excited here.

Ice breakers.


Runner Laine

This is depressing. One of my goals this year was to run two 10Ks. In preparation, I signed up for a 5K with Blaise and Laine, which ended up not happening thanks to feeling awful for about six weeks. Yay, early pregnancy. Before I found out I was pregnant a week later, Laine and I went for a run on the trail. She was awesome! We ran just over two miles and she never complained. Granted, Blaise and Laine are all muscle and no body fat; they are both fit as a fiddle.

I probably could physically run now that I feel human again, but I’m barely feeling up for walking Melvin on our long walks, let alone running. Once this kid comes out, it’s hardcore running time.

Lazy Day Saige

And messy Saige. She went through a train track phase in March, making one almost every day for a week. It kept her busy so I ignored the mess.

Doughnuts! Donuts?

I never know the proper way to spell doughnuts. I guess I lean toward doughnuts, since they’re made from dough. I guess it doesn’t really matter… the kiddos couldn’t care less. Blaise and Laine were at math class and we had time to kill before picking them up. Solution, Top Pot. Saige and Baby were on board. We grabbed Top Pot and walked over to the downtown Redmond park. It was super cold.

Baby took eating her doughnut seriously.


It’s entertaining how cats find one thing to sit on. One of the kiddos brought a drawing into our bedroom, which was clearly an invitation for Moosie to sit on the thing.

Silly Face Kiddos

Just another day outside, making silly faces. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have kiddos back before cell phone cameras. I swear they ask me to take their pictures at least once each day. Although, I’m glad we are long past the film developing days.

Art Kiddos

This was a fun project. The kiddos assigned different shapes to letters, and made a secret code art project.

Game Day!

One of the kiddos’ friends was over and they set up quite the game room. I think at one point they had about 10 games out.

Village Square Cafe Kiddos

I was on a breakfast kick, and was going to Village Square Cafe maybe two times each week. It started back in February and continued through March. And then I stopped when they upped the kiddo meals to $7.95. I think that’s a bit much for a drink and pancakes. Especially when my adult meal is only $8.95. Eh, maybe I’m getting old and complaining about costs like Nan used to do back in the day. She remembered when coffee cost a nickel. Hell, I think their mortgage payment was $20 before they paid it off, on their $8,900 house they bought in 1946. Worth over $500,000 these days. Maybe I am getting old.

Ice Cream Truck Baby

Just another day at home. Baby still fits inside the toy ice cream truck. Saige tries but is clearly too big. This truck was Saige’s gift for when she potty-trained herself. Which Baby did in March. She decided one day to wear undies, and that was that. It’s so nice being diaper-free… for now. Baby picked out a Paw Patrol fire truck for her potty-trained gift.

Coal Creek Falls

We hiked on a freaking cold ass day. It was still fun and worth going, but man it was cold. And we were even all dressed up with long johns.

At the start, when we were all still warm.
The end, when we were all freaking cold. 

Gymnastics Meet #3

Laine had her third gymnastics meet, and she did well again. She loves gymnastics. I was pretty against competitive gymnastics at the beginning but seeing how much she loves it and how hard she works, she’s definitely found her thing. For now.

This meet was perfect. It was at a local gym and they have a kid play area, which was great since we all went to this meet. Brian and I had been switching off but wanted the other kiddos to have a chance to see Laine in action.

Her team came in second or third overall? I’m a terrible gymnastics mom, I couldn’t care less about anything other than Laine having fun. 


Captain Marvel

The kiddos were all about seeing Captain Marvel. And I’m glad it was me who took them, it was really good! And I’m not a big super hero movie person. But I loved the anti-white male subliminal messaging. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are fabulous movies for young, impressionable kiddos to see… strong female role models.

iPic, of course. If I’m going to a movie theater, it’s going to be iPic.


A Stand-Up Desk, FINALLY

Brian has been talking about getting a stand-up desk for years. Literally. He finally bought one after researching the hell out of which one he wanted. This is the same guy who took six months to select and finally order a laptop case. I suppose it’s good he’s the way he is since I’m so spur of the moment. He’s been working from home Wednesdays, because I refuse to drive Laine to gymnastics at 4:30pm, having to drag all the other kiddos along. It ends up being around an hour-and-a-half between distance and traffic that time of the day.

There’s even a button to adjust the height, motorized. Fancy. And Baby modeling the desk with Laine’s Beanie Boos.

Doctor Visit

Going to the doctor seems to be a family affair more often than not. We were on our way to Oregon to meet up with my sister and her family, and Brian wanted to see the doctor before leaving to get medication for a sinus infection. Drugs scored, sinus infection gone.

Surprisingly quiet kiddos.


We made the drive down to Beaverton to meet up with my sister and her family to cheer on Olivia at her diving meet. Good times! All about Beaverton here.

Gymnastics Meet #4

Laine’s final meet of the season. This was a make-up one; one was cancelled in February due to all the snow. We weren’t going to make it to this one since we were in Oregon but Laine really wanted to go. So we got up at 6am and left Oregon for home so we could make the meet. I’m glad we did. She did great—as usual—and had a blast.

So this may be a terrible thing to say, or not, but I’m kind of proud that Laine was the only kiddo on her team who didn’t put her hand over her heart during the National Anthem. I’d love to have seen her kneel but I’m not about making my kiddos take stands against things they don’t understand. We’ve never had a discussion about hands on hearts during the National Anthem; this was all her. Maybe because she didn’t know it is common practice, maybe she does and didn’t feel like it… either way, I’m cool with her hands down, still being respectful but not being creepy lovey about our country. I’m also happy to say she doesn’t know the Pledge of Allegiance. How creepy is that sucker?! Back when I was a kid, forcing kids to recite a culty-chant they don’t understand—with hands over hearts—facing a flag every morning at school. I’m so glad they don’t have to do this in any of their classes.

Random Pictures

Brian rarely takes pictures so when they pop up in Amazon Photos, they make me smile. Here are a few random ones from the month of March.

Baby’s forehead looks massive in the dog bed picture.


Rhino Laine!

Laine came home from the school up the street one day and announced she was going to participate in the talent show. I know our kiddos are always down to do whatever, but I was a little surprised she signed up. She and two other gals in her class decided to lip-sync to a magic rhino song. I’m not sure how talent-showy lip-syncing is but it worked. Really anything works when your seven. It was cute and I’m proud of her for getting up on stage and following through with their act.


Blaise asked me to take a picture since we managed to use all the pieces for the three colors. I love Blokus, probably more than the kiddos.

Evacuation Trail Hike

While Blaise and Laine were in class, Saige, Baby, and I hiked the evacuation trail with two neighbors. This was probably my last hike/walk before pregnancy grounded me for about six weeks. Ugh. I’m still annoyed.


The pigs at Saige’s outdoor preschool are always having babies. The poor mom, she always looks so tired.

Gymnastics Saige

We signed up Saige for a gymnastics class. Brian was taking her on Saturdays while Laine had practice, and Blaise did a ninja warrior class. But then I discovered there is a Thursday afternoon class that Saige can attend, which was a perfect time killer between picking her up from school and grabbing Blaise and Laine from their math class.

Turns out Saige wants to be a ninja instead, so she and Baby will take a junior ninja warrior class next fall instead. The funny thing is, Saige was invited to join the gymnastics pre-team, which Brian and I immediately laughed when we read the email. I figured it was a mass email to all the kiddos in her class, and basically a money grab by the gym… I know how much this team gymnastics stuff costs because of Laine. It’s not cheap. But it turns out they really did only send the email to select kiddos; one of Saige’s friends is in the class and she didn’t get an invite.

Hanging bar Saige.


Friday Baby

Saige and Baby had outdoor preschool on Friday. The big kiddos and I picked them up and headed to Duvall to hang out with a friend. Baby settled in for the long haul with a popsicle before we left for home and she passed out. Its tough keeping up with the big kiddos when you’re three.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Apparently I went to a play in March. I don’t remember much from the end of March until late May. I was pretty much on the couch if I wasn’t driving kiddos around. I vaguely remember there was an older couple, okay old couple, in our seats. Being old and entitled—it’s not millennials who are the worst—they didn’t move or have any interest in figuring out why we all had the same seat assignments. I had to grab a super helpful theatre worker who figured everything out. Turns out the entitled old couple had the wrong date. The left, we sat. We’re both pregnant so sitting was ideal. The play was okay, I think? It’s foggy.

March ended with a brunch at Salish with two friends. We were celebrating their birthdays late. One friend is also 40+ and pregnant by surprise, and the other turned 39 and just had her second kiddo last October. I guess I’m not super old having kiddos around here. Looking back to all the mom groups I joined when I had Blaise at 31, I was usually the youngest by a few years… and those moms all went on to have second kiddos over 35.

Speaking of Salish brunch, Karann and I also went in mid-March. We were celebrating my birthday late. We had massages before brunching. And it was a fun day. Salish is a fancy-schmancy hotel with an equally fancy spa. Like $150 hour massages fancy. We had high expectations. You change into a robe and then go sit in a lounge, unless you choose to sit in the sauna. We opted for the lounge with fancy drinks that neither of us had. When our masseuses came to get us, I was slightly jealous Karann had the man. Men usually give amazing deep-tissue massages. After our hour massages, we met back in the lounge. I told Karann how my massage was terrible—mostly a gentle rub—and I was jealous she had the man. Turns out hers was terrible also, haha. So we spent the next half-hour laughing about how terrible our massages were in the relaxing lounge. Good times. Brunch was better.

On to April, which I don’t remember AT ALL. Thankfully, I managed to take a few pictures.


Most of April was spent on the couch. For me at least. The kiddos’ schedule didn’t change. Other than we spent more time at home between all their standard stuff. All I can say is thank goodness Brian has such a flexible schedule. He was able to grab kiddos mid-day on the days I didn’t have it. And he was the one to get up with them every.single.morning and put them down every.single.night, after making dinner, after working. In fairness, he’s usually the dinner and bedtime guy anyway, but he really took on everything and more with me as a lump on the couch.

I’m not one to watch much television. I get bored. I don’t mind it on in the background now and again, but I think I turn the television on maybe once a week? But April, I watched more television than I have in the last five years. And since kiddos were around, I didn’t watch my standard go-to, murder shows. I do enjoy the ID Network if I’m going to have anything on. I’ll never forget one episode… most murder shows when the family and friends talk about the deceased person, they all say how wonderful they were, how they can’t imagine anyone hurting them since they were so well-liked. But once, a show was focused on an older Florida gentleman, and everyone they interviewed said something like, “Yep, I can totally see people wanting him dead. I’m not surprised he was killed.” Poor guy, but I appreciate the honesty.

And cops, those shows make not like them even more. My dad was a cop so I’m aware there are excellent ones who join forces for the right reasons. Hopefully they outweigh the bad ones, despite constantly hearing about the bad ones in the news. But on the murder shows, it drives me nuts how they manipulate suspects—innocent and guilty. I’m all for the guilty getting caught and tossed in prison, hopefully for long periods of time for the horrible crimes they commit. I just can’t get past the tactics cops use. To the point that I will never talk with an officer without an attorney present, even if I have no idea what they want. I plan on teaching the kiddos this, which I imagine them running into officers saying hello to them at a Starbucks or something, and my kiddos not saying anything back. Hahaha. I’m sure by the time they understand my reasonings for needing an attorney, they’ll understand when niceties to officers in coffee shops are appropriate. Not that my white, upper-middle class kids have to worry too much, which is SO part of the problem. I look at Blaise, who will be a tall white, attractive male, knowing the world is his just because of who he is. It’s not cool. And while I’m thankful to be in a life position of comfort and ease, I can’t help but get frustrated about the same things. And I’m not sure what I can do about it, other than raise aware kiddos willing to take a stand against injustice.

Well that took a turn. I’m rambly today. I must be back to normal. But yeah, watching television. Since I couldn’t watch my totally inappropriate murder shows, Judy Judy and People’s Court were the next best. I’d go downhill around 2pm and try to hold off turning on the television. By 3pm, Judge Judy was on for two hours, followed by two hours of People’s Court, and then I introduced the big kiddos to Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy from 7-8pm, before their bedtime. We’d watch while Brian put Saige and Baby down to bed. I still can’t stand Pat Sajak. He’s too touchy-feely with the women. In the bonus round, after they spin the wheel and grab the potential prize card, he grabs women’s hands to guide them to their mark. He doesn’t do this with the men. I’m pretty sure women can figure out where to stand, Pat. Jeopardy was fun, it was during the time the professional gambler was on a winning streak. Blaise became a little fan boy of his. It was cute. He’d ask to watch James. And the night he lost, Blaise was so bummed. But this was about the time I was starting to feel better so we haven’t tuned in since.

I rambled again. How about pictures? Although I didn’t take much spending most of the month on the couch.

April in pictures.


Mel’s BFF. She is such a super sweet pup. She hangs out with us when her family travels. And lucky for us, they travel a few times each year so we get Eevee time.

I personally love these pictures. I was sitting at the counter eating, playing Candy Crush. I looked down and there was Eevee. Not a few seconds later after I acknowledged her, she was back with a toy. She got her way, we played.


Yet another benefit of being a homeschooler, weekday kiddo plays at cheaper rates. As homeschoolers, we are considered a field trip, which means we get to pay school rates. Instead of $20 a ticket on the weekend, tickets are only $13 a pop for field trip kids. Saves $35 and we don’t have to deal with weekend traffic or crowds. Double score.

I was late to the game attending plays at Seattle Children’s Theatre, but finally got my act together and secured tickets to a Wednesday showing of Ballonacy… before I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t really feeling the best but managed to get all four kiddos to Downtown Seattle, walking from Queen Anne where we parked to Seattle Center where the theatre is located. It was a super cute play. It was a silent play, about a woman celebrating her birthday with the company of a balloon. The kiddos loved the play because there were several goofball moments between the lady and the balloon.

Science Expo

The first week of April always includes the Science Expo at the kiddos’ school up the street. They actually enjoy working on projects, and this year it was on them to come up with ideas on their own. We’ve helped in the past, thanks to Google. Blaise wanted to see which food items molded the fastest… I think he just wanted to mold things and came up with a project so he could. Laine wanted to work with gravity so she went with the simple, Which Object Falls the Fastest?

They both worked hard on their projects. The only part I helped them with was typing up their words and printing. It was on them to cut and paste, and organize their display boards. I think they did a great job! My perfectionist self would have liked to have fixed a few things but these are their projects, not mine.

The Expo itself was fun. The kiddos basically took off with their buddies to work on the scavenger hunt that was prepared, where upon completion, they earned cotton candy. This is exactly why I like the school up the street… not for the academics—it is public school after all—but for the events like this that get them involved and interested in participating. Well done, kiddos!

Lainey Bug and her project.
Blaisey Daisy and his project.
Kiddo Artwork. At the Science Expo, I was able to check out the kiddos’ artwork hanging in the school hallway. I could immediately tell who did which one. Haha.
Cotton candy score!

Spring Break LEGO Camp

This week is a fog. I was really in the midst of pregnant couch potato status. I know the camp focus was making an amusement park out of LEGOs. And I was feeling so off that Brian would drive Blaise to camp at 9am and pick him up at 12pm, bring him home, and then head back to work. I did pick Blaise up the final day, which is what the pictures are from. They had all worked on each part of the amusement park over the week, and this was the final presentation of all the projects. He had a great week!

Birthday Party Saige

Saige was excited to attend a friend’s birthday party at Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue. I really like this park, it’s just not super convenient to visit. Even when we lived in Issaquah, I wasn’t a fan of heading there… then again, I avoid Bellevue like the plague. There’s always traffic and people everywhere.

The party was great. It started with a farm tour, including petting the animals. Then it was into the art room to make sheep from sheep fur, before celebrating the birthday girl with cake. Saige had a blast.

Dental Saige

Saige’s preschool was visited by a dentist during class. I grabbed these pictures from the school post so I have no idea what all went on. Saige didn’t offer up much information.

Chess Blaise (and Laine)

I finally got around to teaching the big kiddos how to play chess. I thought they’d find it fairly boring—maybe because I do—but they both seem to enjoy playing. It’s been something they’ve been playing often against each other. Except here in the picture, Blaise made a display using chess pieces and checkers.

Photographer Blaise

Blaise asked for my phone this day so he could take pictures of some of his LEGO creations. Instead, my phone came back with these pictures. Hahahaha.


Usually I’m all about Easter. Not in the Jesus zombie way, but in the it’s a fun holiday for the kiddos way. I vaguely remember buying Easter gifts and basket stuffers, but it was mostly Brian who pulled it all together. He colored eggs with the kiddos and made the day special for them. I enjoyed watching from the couch.

Coloring eggs and sleepy kiddos the morning of, before heading down for everything Easter.
Saige really wanted face paint, so it was part of her Easter basket. Saige and Laine went for the zombie look, which is fitting for celebrating Easter.

Farm Tuesday

Just a few pictures from the farm where Saige goes to preschool. We stayed a bit after pick up to get our play on.

Press Start

Blaise’s class up the street was taking a poll on which book was best out of five books they all read. According to Blaise, his teacher said to bring treats on the day they revealed the top pick. I never received an email or anything so I still have no idea if this was said. Either way, Blaise really wanted to make a cake for his top pick, Press Start. And I guess Blaise was the only kid who brought something, nobody complained.

I watched Brian and Blaise make this cake from the couch. 

Tiger Saige

Saige took face painting seriously the week after Easter. I’m pretty sure she was something new each day. She does a pretty damn good job painting her own face!


Haha, I love this. The big kiddos have their own gaming profiles for a few online games, and Saige wanted a profile also. Her username is Saigenator… which she is posing in front of at her Friday class.

Gymnastics Laine

Lainey Bug finished her first year on a competitive gymnastics team. To celebrate all the kiddos, we went for a pizza celebration after practice on this Saturday. Her coach was complimentary of Laine, saying she is a great listener and hard worker. Bonus for Laine, she moved up a level for this next competitive season. She is beyond thrilled!

We went for pedicures after pizza. 

Swimming Lessons

Saige and Baby ended April with daily swimming lessons. They did great! I think it’s okay to say Saige is swimming, although she has more to learn before I would trust her swimming like I do Blaise and Laine. Baby is getting there. They have more swimming lessons in August, and we will be in California for a week in July, swimming daily in Papa’s backyard.

Baby LOVES the pool but wanted nothing to do with lessons on day one, pictured below. By day two, she was splashing around like a pro.

Yet More Couch Time

April ending from the couch. The big kiddos were troopers while I powered (suffered?) through the first trimester. They’d often hang out with me since I wasn’t up and doing many things. Such great kiddos.


May is also mostly a blur. Most of the month I still felt off, only starting to feel better the last week. I have to refer to my calendar to see all the things we did—and missed—thanks to feeling awful… damn parasite. At least she’ll be cute (I hope so).

Not many May pictures. Let’s just get straight to them.

May In Pictures.

Sleepy Saige

Daily swimming wears a kiddo out! Saige and Baby kicked off the first two weeks—and third week of May—swimming. We had to take one week off because Baby was sick.

Saige was resting on the floor, all curled up in a blanket. I want to be her right now.


Outside Kiddos

An easy way to occupy kids, water. I wanted to do nothing on the couch, so I gave the kiddos a bunch of water and containers to put the water in. Hours of entertainment. Hours of resting for me.

The ketchup and mustard squirt containers were a huge hit with the water. 

Ninjago Blaise

Here’s something I erased from my memory… all the Ninjago LEGO sets. Blaise really wanted the LEGO Dieselnaut for Easter, so of course we bought it for him. Which kicked off his Ninjago LEGO set desires. Probably because LEGOs are a fabulous way to occupy him, I was a sucker and we ended up buying about eight Ninjago LEGO sets—some big, some small—after Easter. Almost two each week. Hey, it occupied the guy and he was a happy camper.

Ninjago LEGOs galore.

Patient Big Kiddos

Blaise and Laine were with me a few days while Saige and Baby had swimming lessons. Their swim teacher was super nice and allowed Blaise and Laine into the pool during free time at the end of the girls’ lesson. Blaise was waiting patiently to get his swim on while Laine did bubbles and gymnastics on the grass

Snoqualmie River

When I thought I was feeling better and desperately wanted to get outside and off the couch, we made plans to meet a friend at Tolt MacDonald, to spend time along the Snoqualmie River. Saige and Baby were at their Friday outdoor class so it was just the big kiddos and me. I wasn’t feeling so great when we were out and about but I powered through. It’s fun hanging with just Blaise and Laine, and sometimes I think this is how it could have been. Not that I would ever give back Saige and Baby, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we only had two kiddos.

The Princess and the Pea

Saige and I had a Sunday afternoon date to see the Princess and the Pea with two of her buddies, and go to lunch after. It was a cute play and Saige had a great time.

Art Kiddos

Apparently the girls were art-ing one May day. I don’t remember these moments but I have pictures so they clearly happened. Laine decorating Baby’s back and pretending to be French, I think?!

Redmond Town Center Kiddos

All I remember is Brian’s mom was in town and for some reason, we were at Redmond Town Center. Baby looks less than impressed.


Brian’s mom came for a week, and brought with her a buffalo hide she purchased in Montana.

Camp Orkila

Baby and I joined the rest of the family at Camp Orkila this year. All about Camp Orkila here.


Blaise picked out these paint yourself butterfly stepping stones for Saige and Baby. There’s always something at Target we need, haha. Because I hadn’t been feeling well, they sat on the counter for a few weeks. Baby kept asking so I finally set them up outside. They turned out nice… which I didn’t take a picture of and Baby has since broken hers. Oh well.

After School Play

When Laine’s gymnastics practice changed from Saturdays to Fridays, we no longer wanted to take Saige to her gymnastics class on Saturdays… she wants to be a ninja anyway. It worked out that there is a ninja class on Thursday afternoons after her outdoor class. About 30 minutes needed to be killed before heading to the gym so played at the farm.


Saige is such a cutie! These are her school pictures.

Breakfast Blaise

Another Friday, another morning with just the big kiddos. We hit Family Pancake House before grabbing Saige and Baby from their Friday outdoor class.

Drag Brunch

I finally made it out to something! I had several tickets to events in April and May that I missed out on thanks to feeling awful, and what a waste of money. But this Sunday, I finally made it out to the drag brunch I enjoy. A friend who had never been suggested we go and I was game. It felt so great to be out and about.

Sunday Funday

While I was drag brunching, Brian dropped off the big kiddos at a birthday party and then took the younger kiddos for ice cream.

More Ice Cream

Either Brian or I took Blaise (and maybe Laine?!) to ice cream. I only know because there are pictures from May.

Saturday Work Party

This was the second year Brian’s boss hosted his team at his house. It’s a family event so we all went. Baby was relaxing in their television room, not even watching television but playing with the reclining chairs.

Brian hadn’t told anyone that I’m pregnant, which is cool… other than I showed up at this work party visibly pregnant. That was his way of letting his team know. Haha.


What a great trip! We went to Silverwood at the end of May. And I thankfully felt semi-human. All about the trip here.


Mel demonstrating how I spent most of April and May.

On to June, which is almost over. Four more days. But I’m human again, thank freaking goodness.

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