California Twenty Nineteen

It’s December. California was back in July. Been busy. That whole having another kiddo thing takes time and energy away from things like blog posts. I’m going to keep this simple just to get something posted…

We went back to our old stomping grounds for a week in July. It’s important to me that the kiddos get to experience summer the way I spent my summers growing up. Basically, swimming all day, every day. Lucky for the kiddos, Bob and Tara have a swimming pool in their backyard. Like everyone else in Sacramento. It gets freaking hot there. A pool is a must.

The week was filled with family, swimming, a trip to Fairytale Town, more swimming, cousins, a morning at the State Fair before it reached 100 degrees, even more swimming, more family, and swimming again. It was a great week!

Ice Cream Sundaes! These kids, spoiled. They had ice cream sundaes every.single.night. And not just a scoop of ice cream with some whipped cream… Tara goes all out and puts out a buffet of topping options The kiddos love this.

Fairytale Town with Grams. Brian’s mom was in town so he took the kiddos to meet her at Fairytale Town for an afternoon. I skipped; it was too hot for my weak PNW, Native Californian self. They hit up Gunther’s Ice Cream after.

Swimming and more swimming. This was mostly how the kiddos spent the week. They LOVED the pool. And bonus, Saige and Baby went from kind of swimming to swimming by the end of the week. Baby is fearless. She’s a hoot to watch.

Family time. It’s always nice being down when everyone can get together. It’s never everyone but close enough… the kiddos have a large family and they’re getting to know everyone with these annual summer visits. I love how Baby rallied to stay awake for dinner. Swimming makes a kiddo tired!

Grammie time. We visited my mom twice at her new place. At the end of last year, she moved into a community where she has her own place but is a part of a larger space, complete with meals and services like laundry and cleaning. I’ve lost track of what it’s officially called, assisted living maybe? Whatever it’s called, my mom is doing great and is happy. Score!

Cousins! My sister and her kiddos came over to swim one afternoon. Sometimes I wish we lived close by so these kiddos could spend more time together. But then I realize my sister isn’t moving so we’d have to live in California, and that’s a nope for me. So we’ll take what we can get, which is always fun.

State Fair. Brian and Bob took the kiddos to the State Fair for the morning. It was going to be triple-digits so I stayed behind. And, I don’t do the State Fair. It wasn’t all that great when i was a teenager; it’s highly unlikely I’m going to like it at 40 (and pregnant at the time). They had a great time… that’s all that matters.

Ribs and Beagles. The vegetarian (me) and 2/4 of the beagles were in charge of putting the ribs on the smoker while everyone was out and about. Laine loves Papa’s ribs and requested them for dinner. Apparently they were excellent.

Family! A final picture before we left the next morning. Aunts and Uncles, and with Papa and Wawa.

California Twenty Nineteen, check. Until next year… with kiddo number five.

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