October Twenty Nineteen

Continuing to play catch-up… let’s talk October.


October was eventful. I spent the month extremely pregnant and tired while keeping up on our standard schedule, mixed in with additional activities and everything Halloween. Then I ended the month with having a baby sooner than planned. Let’s start with having a baby.


All about her arrival here. In short, we welcomed Maive on October 30 at 4:06pm. She was 6.13 pounds and I can’t remember how long she was, I think 20 inches?! In keeping with the others, she arrived with a head of black hair and a dark complexion, looking Native American… nature’s DNA test, definitely Brian’s kiddo. Everyone is in love with her and she has constant entertainment with all the kiddos and commotion around here. I keep saying I didn’t know I wanted a fifth until she arrived. I’m SO happy we have her. The best oops ever, a bonus baby.

Okay now. The rest of October, in order.

Dance monkeys. That song and video, now it’s in my head. We watch a ton of music videos around here. These dance monkeys before class. The best part of hip hop, no dance wear or special shoes. Baby will hip hop next year; they don’t have a hip hop class for her age yet. So ballet and tap it is, and she enjoys it for the most part. I say that hip hop is life skill… I want my kiddos to be comfortable dancing in social settings.

Craven Farm. I’m a habitual person. I park in the same spot at Target every time, I open the blinds in the same order every morning, I order the same meals at restaurants when I go… and I go to the same pumpkin patch every year. I went to Craven Farm for the first time before kids, and I’ve gone every year since. It’s not that it’s even the best pumpkin patch out there. Maybe it is. It’s just that I like it enough and it does the job. And it’s the only pumpkin patch my kiddos know. Blaise asked to try another one this year in addition to Craven Farm. Maybe I’ll live on the edge and venture out.

October was jam-packed with stuff every day. And since I don’t do weekends, we had limited weekdays to go. My plan was to take all the kiddos but it was tough finding time when it wasn’t raining. Normally I’m cool with rain. But not at a pumpkin patch. It was finally a nice day but Blaise and Laine were in school. I decided to take Saige and Baby, and planned on going back with Blaise and Laine later in the month. That never happened. Sorry, kiddos.

All About Pumpkins class. I signed up Saige and Baby for an All About Pumpkins class at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park. It was three Fridays in a row. Our neighbor and her kiddo signed up also. It was a cute little class. I think my favorite part was the cow going to town on the pumpkin. She was not going to share with the donkeys… the donkeys ended up getting some in the end.

Elephant & Piggie play. Laine loves the Elephant & Piggie books, as does her friend who introduced Laine to the series. And since I’m a musical fanatic, I keep up on all the different theatres and which productions they have on tap. I immediately texted Laine’s friend’s mom, asking if they wanted to see the play also. We all went together and it was cute. And in keeping with tradition, we went to Pinka Bella after for overpriced cupcakes, $3.50 a pop. The birthday cupcake is $5.

Brickcon. I bought tickets for Brian to take Blaise and Laine to Brickcon. Then Brian and Blaise got sick. Saige and Baby had a birthday party to attend so I couldn’t take Laine. We ended up giving our tickets to one of Laine’s friend and her mom, which they turned into a family outing and grabbed Laine on their way into Seattle. Laine had a great time!

Baby turned four! She wouldn’t be the baby much longer. Although she still goes by Baby and calls Maive New Baby. Haha! All about her birthday here.

Birthday parties! It was quite the celebratory weekend. Saige went to her friend’s little brother’s one year party. They had the Bubble Man there and he was so much fun! Saige had a blast. The next day we went to a Frozen birthday party, complete with Anna. Saige was so off, she wanted nothing to do with Anna at first. Which is so NOT Saige.

Saige is the kid who talks with anybody and everybody, and I have no doubt she could easily be lured away with a simple come here from a stranger. I’ll never forget… we were at the park one day, and it was just us and our friend and his mom. Saige was sitting on the bench when a couple rounded the corner on the trail walking their dog. Saige perked up and said, “People!” and took of running to talk with them.

She eventually warmed up to Anna. Baby never did.

Horse rider. Lainey Bug misses her horse riding days. Before gymnastics, she was taking weekly horse riding lessons and even went to a few horse shows… we only have so much time (and money) to spend on kiddo activities, given we have so many kids. Gymnastics won her over and that has been her thing for two years now. But she misses horses. The City of Redmond has a horse program, albeit below her skill level, but still horses. So I signed her up for a trail ride. Her friend signed up also so there was that bonus. She had a nice time but said it was kind of boring. But I think it scratched her itch for the time being.

Halloween drag show. Karann and I went to see Beware the Terror of Gaylord Manor at the ACT Theatre in Seattle. It was entertaining. Not Dina Martina but still good. Before the show, Karann mentioned the Fuck The Police Frog & Toad shirt, so now I want a sweatshirt… I keep meaning to order one, I need to get on that.

Boarders! Blaise and Laine have taken skiing lessons for a few years now, and are totally competent skiers. This year they are switching to snowboarding. To be sure they liked it, I took them to an indoor lesson to get a feel for it before the ski swap, where Brian was planning on buying them gear. They loved it!

Before I got pregnant with Maive, I was planning on finally getting back to snowboarding this winter. We were going to put Saige and Baby in ski lessons, and take Blaise and Laine snowboarding. Turns out I have to wait a few more years until Maive starts skiing. She’s worth the wait!

Billie Eilish hair. Saige is obsessed with Billie Eilish. So of course she wanted blue hair. It didn’t turn out as bright as I had hoped, but she loved it.

Pokemon class. The pottery place in Redmond often has day camps for kiddos. Blaise and Laine have gone to a few and loved them, and they make super cool projects. There was a Pokemon day camp in October that Blaise really wanted to attend. I let him skip DigiPen so he could go. The kid loves Pokemon. He made five projects… he was super excited about his plate (and being silly with the thing).

Dad date! Blaise and Laine were at a friend’s house, Saige was with me at a play, so Baby had Brian all to herself. They went to lunch, he painted her face, and then they rode bikes up to the local coffee shop for a cookie. She had a blast!

Beauty and the Beast. Saige and I went to see Beauty and the Beast put on by the Storybook Theatre. We tend to see all their shows with two of Saige’s buddies. We lunch after. It’s a fun little outing that has turned into a tradition.

Halloween kiddos! It was a busy day between classes for all the kiddos, ninja for Saige and Baby, and the excitement of Maive and me coming home from the hospital. They went trick-or-treating with their friends, whom they met up with at our neighbor’s house. Baby lasted only a few houses before Brian dropped her off back at home.

Blaise was some Star Wars character, Laine went as a goth person, Saige was a Monster High character, and Baby went as Elsa but quickly took off her costume the minute she got home.

October, checkity check.

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