Saigers is six. Big kid territory. According to her. It’s exhausting having two kiddo birthdays eight days apart. And this isn’t even a party year, pandemic and all. I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m not really, all went well. But I feel like I have this looong break before Baby’s birthday, which is 20 days after Saige’s. And let’s not even worry about dealing with Maive’s birthday not long after Baby’s. We call this time of year Birthday Season, which ends the day before Holiday Season starts with Halloween. It never ends.

Six years of Saige! She was the easiest baby alive. So easy that she didn’t cry at birth, and didn’t cry for almost five months. Before she started sleeping through the night at two months, she’d wake up and quietly fidget, and we’d tease that she’d be thinking, “When you have a moment, I wouldn’t mind a bottle over here please.” The kid never made a fuss. To the point that Brian thought something was wrong with her and had me ask our doctor if we should be concerned. I remember our doctor said, “Nothing is wrong with her. But whatever you do, DO NOT tell other moms Saige is so easy.” Haha. And even when she did start crying, it was more of a quick, quiet whimper to communicate a need. The easiness lasted until about 18 months when she entered terror mode. She gets back to easier with age, but we’re not there yet. Hopefully six is the magic number. And really, terror or easy, Saige is a great kid.

Her birthday fell on a Thursday this year. The kiddos had swimming lessons at 8am each morning before their other programs this week. Saige and Baby were supposed to have outdoor school after swimming but thanks to the smoke, her class was cancelled. It worked out. She had asked to have their buddies over, who spent the day here on Blaise’s birthday—and for Laine’s birthday back in July. They were free and came over around noon to celebrate Saige with a French Toast birthday lunch—Saige’s request—followed by cake and opening of the presents her friends brought.

Haha, this is how she was sleeping her last night as a five-year-old. And a six-year-old swimmer!

She was SO excited. Her swim teacher let her slide down into the deep end now that she’s a big kid.

French Toast lunch.

I LOVE these pictures, although it’s a sad Saige. Blaise and Laine were adding cha-cha-cha to the Happy Birthday song and Saige didn’t like this. I happened to catch her expression while taking multiple pictures.

Cake number one!

Presents with friends.

Saige scored two cakes on her birthday, after lunch and after dinner. Because she was supposed to have school, we had already planned for Brian’s mom to come over for a birthday dinner that evening. The kiddos’ friends left around 4pm, and Brian’s mom came over not long after. Brian made Chicken Alfredo for dinner, another birthday girl request. The second cake happened and then present opening. Saige was super excited for the presents part. I mean, who isn’t at six?!

Cake number two.

Presents round two!

The biggest hit was a makeup kit. She and Baby went to town with makeup while I took Blaise and Laine to hip hop. Turning six during a pandemic was a success, and she’s already planning her seventh birthday.

Makeup Baby, by Saige.

Until October, two more birthdays to go!

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