Maive is one! Last kiddo, we are officially finished with babies! On to toddlerhood. Lucky us, haha. Maive’s birthday on October 30 ends birthday season, right before we kick off holiday season with Halloween.

Maive is quite the kiddo. We are so used to having kids that everything with her is second nature. Because of this, we really get to enjoy her without the worry of what the hell do we do?! I’ve always thought it’s so interesting that you have to have a license to drive, sign a million papers to buy a home, get letters of recommendation for college or a job… yet they kick you out of the hospital with a tiny little baby, who is 100% dependent on you to survive.

Reflecting back on her first year, she is SO loved. We didn’t know we wanted a fifth until she arrived, and we can’t imagine life without her. It was tough going from the we’re done with babies to surprise, bonus baby! But she truly completes the family. And the other kiddos are obsessed with her. She lights up the moment any of the kiddos walk in the room. They light up also. Life is good for Maive. She has people. People who will do whatever she wants. And she knows this.

Since her birthday was on a Friday and Laine has practice starting at 4pm that day—and Halloween was Saturday—we celebrated on Thursday. It was fairly uneventful. Definitely not like the first kiddos’ first birthday, where we had a huge shindig down in Sacramento, with family galore. It’s a trade-off, being the fifth. Maive may not get all the bells and whistles of being the first kiddo, but she gets four siblings who adore and cheer her on for every little thing. When she moves out on her own, she’ll either absolutely love the quiet, alone time or she’ll live with about 20 other people because she’s used to people always around and chaos.

Thursday daytime was normal; the older four kiddos all had their outdoor classes. After those ended, we started with the celebration. Maive loves grilled cheese sandwiches so that was dinner. Paired with honeydew. Nothing fancy. We ate dinner, opened presents, and then went for it with cake. When Blaise turned one, we had a cake with blue frosting. Lesson learned. We’ve since gone with white frosting. Actually, Laine had chocolate, but it wasn’t blue.

Dinner and presents.

Little Miss wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cake on her highchair. Lucky for her—being the fifth—she had already had birthday cake four times. It wasn’t like having cake was a big deal. But getting to dig her hands in was kind of fun. She didn’t really go for it as much as I thought she would. She was fairly clean in the end, not even needing a bath or outfit change.


The now one-year-old doesn’t last much past 6pm. She thinks taking naps will cause her to miss out… she mostly cat naps during the day and gets all of her sleep at night. She’ll sleep a good 12-14 hours. No complaints. And on her birthday, she was in bed as usual and slept hard. She was still tired the next morning… she fell asleep in the ring of neglect not long after waking up. Turing one is tiring!

Party crash the next morning.

She’s all toddler now, and I am very thankful to experience toddlerhood without having a baby in tow. Blaise and Laine are 10 months apart; Saige and Baby are 12 months apart. We always had kids in twos. Not this time. It’s more enjoyable. But really this is likely because she is the LAST kiddo.

Until birthday season 2021, starting in July…

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