October Twenty Twenty

If we ever make it 2021, I think I’m going to switch it up and stop spelling out the year on these posts. January Twenty Twenty-One is awfully long. And I’ve yet to accept seeing Twenty twice, even 10 months into the year. That’s my random thought of the moment. That, and I wonder what would happen to astronauts in the International Space Station if a meteor hit Earth and took us out like the one that took out dinosaurs. Would the astronauts live long enough with supplies to hang out until it’s safe to return? Would they even be able to return with no help from Earth? Things I ponder. And speaking of dinosaurs, I’m still amazed that the time between when the Stegosaurus and T-Rex lived is greater than the time between the T-Rex and now. Mind boggling. Even more, sharks are older than Saturn’s rings! There’s a new fun fact I learned while sitting on the couch for the month of October. Speaking of millions of years, another fun fact I still think is pretty cool: one million seconds is 11.5 days; one billion seconds is 31.7 years; and one trillion seconds is 31,710 years. That one never gets old. I get to rambling…

Not that we won’t make it to 2021. We will. Twenty Twenty-One will be better. It’s already looking up. It’s holiday season! My favorite time of the year. And the weather is my absolute favorite—chilly and overcast, with rain mixed in there. Plus it gets dark early. Makes me smile just thinking about this time of the year. And we have a new president-elect who will bring back decency, civility, and maturity to the White House. Not the clusterfuck that we’ve had the past four years. I’m sold, I’ll go with 2021.

Looking back on my September post, about how the month was awful and October was already waaay better… hahahaha. Joke’s on me. October takes the cake. Two words: foot fracture. Summed up in one word: fuck. And let’s be honest, neither month was that awful. I’m being dramatic. Life is pretty easy in our little world. Before I get to the downer of having a foot fracture, the good.

Baby is five!

Baby had a low-key, pandemic birthday. Like all the kiddos had this year. One of Baby’s buddies shares her birthday, just a year older. She and her brothers came over for a day of art projecting, playing, and cupcake decorating on the Birthday Eve. That evening we celebrated as a family since Laine had practice on Baby’s actual birthday.

On Baby’s actual birthday, the plan was to hit a pumpkin patch. That didn’t happen. My foot. Instead, one of Baby’s friends came over in the morning to celebrate with her. The rest of the day was spent hanging at home, playing Roblox, and celebrating with presents and pumpkin pie. More pictures from her celebrations here.

Maive is one!

Maive is officially a toddler now! One year old. And we are officially DONE with babies. We celebrated Maive with a quiet evening at home. Scratch that. Just an evening at home… it’s never quiet with this many kiddos. It was nothing fancy: grilled cheese sandwiches, cake, and presents. Maive approved. And she had a great time, with all the attention on her. Cake pictures galore here.


Halloween, pandemic style. There was no trick-or-treating. Instead, we went over to the kiddos’ friends’ house and had a Halloween egg hunt. It actually worked out better? Not that I don’t enjoy trick-or-treating but we were able to cater the candy toward the peanut allergy. And the kiddos had plenty of time to hang out and play with their buddies.

Halloween kiddos! Maive discovered lollipops, she was quite happy.

I have to laugh, only because I find this funny as a total non-religious person… I was in the market for glow-in-the-dark eggs to do an egg hunt in the dark. Apparently I was not the only person with this idea because all the glow-in-the-dark eggs I could find online were sold out. Except for these. Jesus eggs. Hahaha. So I bought two sets. I mean, he is the ultimate zombie so I suppose it was fitting for Halloween. They are high-quality eggs and the glow is spot on. I’d recommend.

Jesus eggs! Hahaha. They glowed well!

Wolf School.

We call it Wolf School. It’s actually Wilderness School. But they have a location on-site that they call the Wolf Den. And since Baby wants to be a werewolf when she grows up, we started calling it Wolf School. This was our last schedule add/change for the year. Blaise and Laine have been involved with the monthly program off-and-on since they were in kindergarten, and they attend both the weekly and monthly program this year. We really like the program.

I considered signing up Saige and Baby on the same day Blaise and Laine attend, but the timing is off by an hour: Blaise and Laine go 9am-3pm; Saige and Baby would have gone 10am-2pm. I didn’t want to deal with the difference. I shelved the idea. And then one of their buddies signed up for the class on a different day. It worked for Baby; Saige has online school at the same time. I decided I’d sign up Baby. We had been thinking she needed her own thing now that Saige has kindergarten.

The program had already started for the year and it was full. I put Baby on the waitlist. After the first week, a spot opened up. Score! They emailed asking if we wanted it and I immediately responded with a yes. Baby could have started the next day but we had doctor appointments already scheduled. It’s kind of a pain to reschedule doctor appointments since we all try to go at the same time, and out doctor is in West Seattle. With the bridge closed, I don’t want to have to drive over there multiple times. Anyway, Baby started the week after. She LOVES Wolf School. And we love that she has a thing and looks forward to going each week.

Fucking foot fracture.

There’s an alliteration for you. Maybe I should add fun on the end and really go for it? I was having pain in my right foot. I remember noticing it when I hiked Mount Margaret. It was sore and I figured I had twisted it or maybe stepped funny. Two days later when we hiked Cherry Creek Falls, my foot was really hurting. I had gone running before the hike, and chalked it up to overuse between hiking Mount Margaret, running, and hiking Cherry Creek Falls. Again, I figured it was a strain from twisting it somehow. I decided I’d rest it for a week and see how it felt. A week went by, it still hurt. I rested it another week. And then it started to swell and hurt even more. I figured something was up. To my podiatrist I went. On Baby’s birthday.

My sesamoid bone was fractured. Lovely. Likely a stress fracture from months of running and hiking… unless I did something like twist and step funny, causing it to break? I’ll never know. My podiatrist said to stay off my right foot for two weeks, go non-weight bearing. Which is incredibly difficult with five kiddos and a packed schedule. Brian took two weeks of sick leave, and took on all kiddo and house duties while I sat on the couch. It was incredibly difficult for me. I’m a doer; I can’t just sit. Not to mention I need trail outings for my mental health.

Me knee scooter! How I got around for four weeks. And with crutches. I’m glad I paid $10 extra for the basket! Maive approved.

We all survived with me sitting life out. I went back to my podiatrist after spending two weeks non-weight bearing, using crutches and a knee scooter. I was hoping I would be given the green light to walk (with a boot). Nope. Two more weeks of non-weight bearing. Fucking Christ. I had to sit some more. Brian took two more weeks off, powering on with kiddo and house duties. Four weeks off was difficult for me. I had a ton of down time, sitting on the couch or bed playing Candy Crush, browsing reddit, or pondering life. And online shopping. Apparently we needed a blanket ladder and matching Christmas pajamas, Melvin included. And whatever the hell this thing is? I like peacocks. I figure I’ll put a small plant in the sucker. Because I’m still in a plant phase.

Turns out we needed quite a few things. Even new toilet seats for all the bathrooms. Haha. I won’t bother listing everything; I’ve lost track anyway. A butter dish arrived today. I guess we needed one of those also?! And I did turn on the downstairs television for the first time in maybe a year? Laine and I watched a super cheesy Christmas movie. Pretty sure cheesy describes all made-for-television Christmas movies. I still did some things using crutches or the scooter, hobbling along the way. Like baking. But not much more.

After four weeks, I went back to my podiatrist. This was the first week of November. I was given the green light to walk, with a boot. That first day, walking, felt amazing! I mean, the boot isn’t ideal but I can walk. So that’s a win in my book. Apparently the sesamoid bone takes a long time to heal properly. I’m in a boot for another 2-4 weeks, and then I can walk with supportive shoes for four weeks. And then, hopefully, I can run and hike. If all goes as planned, it’ll be 14 weeks off from running and hiking. Which totally sucks. But I’m working hard on not getting depressed about my situation. Reminding myself life is not bad, and a fractured sesamoid bone is a slight hiccup in the grand scheme of things. It’ll get better and life will get back to normal. Eventually. Positive affirmations, right?! Haha. I just really miss running and hiking.

October in pictures.

Not much happened in October. With my foot fracture life kind of came to a halt outside of our scheduled activities.

Pantry thief. Maive has discovered the pantry. She walks on in there and grabs what she can, and then walks over to Melvin and feeds him her finds. He’s on board with this.

Podiatrist date. I’ve pretty much had standard bi-weekly podiatrist appointments since I first went. Brian and I made those days day dates. We had our fabulous kiddo watcher come and we left with Maive. She’s still all about us and nobody else. Life as a pandemic baby, who rarely has been around others. Or anywhere for that matter.

After my appointment, we went to lunch at 13 Coins. We have eaten out only a handful of times since June. And really, I’m not the biggest fan but we go right at opening. It’s a tough one because we want to support those who need the restaurant jobs (we’ve been over-tipping during the pandemic) but we also don’t want to go to to restaurants because it means they’re in a position of potential exposure. Eh, we went. Brian had the vegan burger and was super impressed. He says it’s the best burger he’s had and he’d order it over a normal burger any day. Even with vegan cheese.

We went to Crate & Barrel after and it was funny… Brian is in the market for a dutch oven. And like anything else Brian, he will take about three years to decide which one he wants before he buys one. All the dutch ovens at Crate & Barrel are wired so you can’t pull one down to check out closer. He wants to thoroughly check them out. We nosed around and as we went to leave—up the ramp for my scooter and Maive’s stroller—there was a dining table. On the dining table was a dutch oven, out in the open to check out. Brian picked it up and started inspecting the thing. An older woman working there asked us if we had any questions. We thanked her but said we were good, just checking out the dutch oven since the other ones are wired. She said that it’s a problem with people stealing them, usually using strollers, as she points to Maive. Hahaha. We laughed. She turned red and said, “Oh, I didn’t mean…” I don’t steal, but if I were going to at Crate & Barrel, I wouldn’t go with a dutch oven.

13 Coins Maive!

Kindergarten 2020. Saige really wants to be in the classroom. And I don’t blame her; school is pretty exciting when you’re six. But Covid. Instead, her part-time public school gave all the kindergarteners iPads. She has class twice a week for about two hours, and the rest of the week she practices her reading on the iPad.

I took this picture from my spot on the couch, where I spent most of October. Yay.

Sunday errand runners. Laine has gymnastics every Sunday. This Sunday we all took her and then hit up Trader Joe’s for some groceries. Normally I don’t take any kiddos to Trader Joe’s but hey, we went for it. With my knee scooter even. Not pictured is Maive, who was in the cart while Brian pushed.

The Trader Joe’s checker guy was sweet… he put a bouquet of fresh flowers in our cart as we left. He felt sorry for me on my knee scooter with all these kids, haha.

Toy stroller Maive. Maive now has a toy stroller and baby. She likes the stroller.

Scooter baking. I’ve always liked to bake. I’m pretty good at it, maybe not visually but things taste decent. I like to bake things I don’t like to eat… otherwise between having to sit and eating baked goods, I’d fatten up. I don’t want that to happen.

Baking on a knee scooter has its challenges but is totally doable. I made a banana bundt cake with a glaze frosting, and a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and lemon buttercream filling/frosting. I also ordered three cake stands because why not? I got bored sitting on the couch. Except I don’t have any yet. Two are backordered and the third one came damaged; they’re sending me a new one. I wonder what’s up with cake stands being backordered? Maybe it’s a holiday season entertaining thing?

Maive compilation! Little Miss no longer takes napping seriously. She does not want to miss out on anything. She’ll nap 20-45 minutes, if we’re lucky. Instead, she calls it a day between 5-6pm, which means she often falls asleep at dinner. Also pictured, her hair is starting to get long and in her eyes, so the hair thing is back. Like it was for all of our girls. And lastly, her first time watching Backyardigans. Or anything on television for that matter. I needed to fold laundry without assistance.

Eggs. I eat a ton of hard boiled eggs. Protein for my vegetarian self. Brian decided to mark them with faces instead of the usual X. See how boring October was?! Haha.

Podiatrist date, two weeks later. Another appointment followed by a meal. MOD Pizza this time.

Toddler assistance. I forgot how much toddlers like to help. Maive helps with everything. (Which reminded me of a book we used to read at Nan’s house, We Help Mommy. So of course I bought a copy.) Helping with the dishwasher is her favorite. This day Brian was assembling a moveable whiteboard. He has a whiteboard obsession. He’s been wanting one for a while—he has one on his office wall and we used to have the art room wall painted with whiteboard paint (it wasn’t great)—so I bought one. Sitting on the couch, bored. Shopping sure kills time.

This thing is a hit! Brian uses it with math lessons for the kiddos, and the kiddos are loving it for art and screwing around in general. And I’ve since bought magnetic letters and numbers that have been well used.

The assistant.

Whiteboard fans. With easy peasy math.

Another year, another trip to Craven Farm. I’m a stickler for routine and this is the pumpkin patch I’ve been going to since before kiddos. Blaise and Laine had already been to a patch with their buddies at the end of September. Saige went then also. But Baby and Maive hadn’t been so we headed over to Craven Farm after dropping off Blaise and Laine at wilderness school. I was hopeful I would be able to scoot around since it hadn’t rained in a while. Nope. It was muddy. Maive and I camped out at a picnic table, while Brian took Saige and Baby around. Brian eventually came and got Maive so she could pumpkin patch. I’d say the girls had a great time!

After hitting the pumpkin patch, we went to Red Robin for lunch. It was the first time Saige had been in a restaurant since last December. And probably her last time until next December at the rate the virus is going. It’s always fun to take different combination of kiddos out and about.

Pumpkin patchers!

That was October. Super boring compared to our normal. It was a nice change, to slow down. Minus the whole foot thing. I really miss hitting the trails, running and hiking. At least I haven’t gained any weight. So there’s that. It’s already mid-November… sitting for weeks, lazy begets lazy.

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