Blaise is now 12, one year away from teenage territory. This kid has been top notch since day one. He is kind, caring, empathetic, funny, intelligent, and mature beyond his years… a great kiddo. And the best big brother, mostly. He does well having four sisters, even on the days he needs space and hides out in his room away from everyone (I’m jealous). Blaise’s interests these days are mountain biking, rock climbing, gaming, and some more gaming, with a bit of football.

And with Blaise 12 now, it ends the ability for Laine to say, “We’re the same age!” Until next year. She likes to annoy him by saying this.


Blaise’s birthday was on a Friday this year. All he wanted to do on his birthday was game and eat Subway, which is almost what he did (we had to obtain a cake). Made it easy. He’s really into Cities: Skylines, a game he plays on the Xbox, creating cities from scratch. He’s really enjoying road and city planning, and working to make the cities grow. Maybe a future career?! At least he’s out of his military phase. That’s one thing Brian’s mom mentioned, that it was good Blaise went through the military phase young so he’d grow out of it before turning an age where he could enlist. I mean, if he wants to at 18, fine, I’ll always support our kiddos. But I’m really hoping city planning or whatever else he gets into before adulthood leads him to a non-military career. Preferably no career with a uniform if I’m honest. Whatever he ends up doing, I know he’ll be successful. I digress.

His birthday was a nice, relaxing day. We did set off in the morning to Costco to grab a birthday cake. He was going to make his own but decided to buy one instead. Easy peasy. Brian came home from work early, around lunchtime with Subway for the birthday kid. And then it was gaming time. Blaise wasted no time getting right to the Xbox. He eventually took a break to open gifts.

We switched things up this time, opening gifts before dinner and cake. Whatever the birthday kid wants! Blaise was super excited because he really wanted this LEGO set. He has outgrown playing with LEGO but he still loves building them. Nowadays, he’s all about displaying the builds. We went ahead and got him the set he wanted, which he put together Saturday and added it to the display shelf in his room.


Blaise had his party at Vertex Arena this year. We went for it, having never been. We’ve been to similar places but never to Vertex. It’s closer and we had a good feeling about having his party there. We were right. Blaise selected the party package with the added Nerf battle, on top of the standard jumping time. It’s was on a Sunday evening, from 4-6pm and worked well. All the kiddos seemed to have a great time! They jumped around for an hour, then ate pizza, then Nerf battled, and then the party finished with cupcakes. The best part of having parties at places is they do almost everything for you. Granted, you pay for it all. But it’s worth it in my book, as a mom who has five birthday parties to plan—all within a few months of each other.

These kids have a wonderful group of friends. We’re lucky to know all of them!


Something I always mean to do but always forget. Kiddo interviews. I think I did them once or twice before, but I can’t remember. Nothing terribly exciting, just a selection of questions I found searching for kid birthday questionnaires.

Describe yourself. Funny, gamer, I don’t know, it’s hard to think.

What are you thankful for? Family and friends.

What makes you happy? Gaming and friends.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Programmer.

What’s important to you? Family and friends.

What do you love most about yourself? Honesty.

What do you love most about your mom? She’s loving.

What do you love most about your dad? He’s loving.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Europe tour.

Who do you admire? I have no idea.

What do you want to learn more about? Geography.

If you could only keep one thing, what would you keep? Family.

What’s your favorite memory? I do not remember.

What are you proud about? My LEGO collection.

What are you looking forward to doing? Wilderness classes.

Anything else you want to say? Nah.

Another birthday down!

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