Over three months later, Saige’s eighth birthday post. Let’s cut to the chase, and get right to the details. The Pie turned eight in September, where we celebrated on her actual birthday—both her party and as a family. Her birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which makes birthdaying easy.


Saige went back and forth over summer, as to where she wanted her party. Eventually she settled on Arena Sports. Easy peasy. I set up the party and Arena Sports handled all the details. Other than cupcakes, no biggie. Her party was on Saturday afternoon and several of her friends came out to celebrate with her. It was probably one of the easiest parties, other than I didn’t do an Evite this year and spaced on texting a few friends. I either said screw it and never texted or texted the ones last minute whom I knew wouldn’t be offended I forgot. Eh, it all worked out in the end.

Arena Sports has parties down. All the kiddo places around here do. They gave Saige a special birthday jersey with her name on the back, with her age as the number. The mascot came out for a picture before the festivities started. The kiddos got their inflatables on before playing games on one of the indoor fields. After an hour, the kiddos are herded upstairs to the party area where we did cupcakes. Looking back, I wish I had got pizza but the party time was at an odd time, like 2:45-4:15, so not lunch and not quite dinner. But pizza would have been a good time killer while in the party area. I think this may be the first party where we didn’t have pizza. We did have our signature fruit trays though, haha.

The party came to an end after cupcakes and Saige choosing to open presents with her buddies. It was a quick party and Saige seemed happy with everything. It was time to head home to celebrate as a family.


Maybe we didn’t have pizza at the party but we had pizza for dinner. Saige’s choice. Red Pepper. Which is terrible pizza but the best of the worst options here in Carnation. After pizza, Saige wanted to open presents before digging into her wedding cake. When we went to QFC to order cupcakes and a cake, she selected a cake in the display cabinet—but she wanted different colors. Galaxy colors. Turns out it’s a wedding cake. Not that it can’t be any other occasion cake. But it had a wedding sticker price, which I didn’t realize until the day we picked up our order. It was tasty!

The whole day was a success. And it was another birthday checked off the list. Only two more to go after Saige’s. Not that we count down or anything (we totally do).

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