Number five is three! They say the days are long but the years are short. I get that, in the world of having kids. I look at Blaise and wonder how it’s been 13 years since I was pregnant with him?! But Maive, her three years seem about right. Not too long, not too short. Considering we were done having kids when she became a thing; we’re really enjoying every moment knowing she is our last. For real this time. I still remember being in the hotel room in Oregon, after having gone to Fred Meyer to buy a pregnancy test. And the line appeared immediately. I was like, nope! And Brian was rubbing his eyes—his sure tell sign he’s excited. It’s a habit of his since he was a small child, and the way I always know how he really feels about something. From the moment Maive’s presence was known, Brian was ecstatic. It took me a bit but I got there also. I like to say we didn’t know we wanted a fifth until Maive! She’s the best bonus baby ever.

Little Miss, as we sometimes call her, is such a happy-go-lucky kiddo. She has life figured out and refuses to miss out on anything. Which is exactly why we had a birthday party for her. We haven’t typically had birthday parties for age three before. But after Maive seeing all four siblings have parties, there was no way we could get away with not having party for her.

Maive’s birthday fell on a Sunday. We decided to have her party on her actual birthday. I like when this happens for birthdays. It makes it easier. More work, but easier to check it all off in one day. We went with an indoor bounce place, where we had Saige’s fourth birthday. Maive has a few friends that are only hers, and then she’s buddies with all the older kiddos’ friends. At three, a party is all about her having fun and people with her to celebrate. And it was fun!

The party was in the morning, from 10:30-12:30. The kids bounced, and then we had pizza and cupcakes. Easy peasy. The best part of having parties at places is most of the work is done for you. (Always remember to tip the teenagers who are the party hosts!) Sure, you pay for it all but it’s not that much of a difference if you have a home party—especially if you factor in your time planning and preparing. Unless you undervalue your time, then maybe it’s cheaper.

Maive was on cloud nine! She had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the entire party. I think she may have been a bit overwhelmed but she went with things. She looked like she had been through the wringer when we made it home. Which means it was a successful party!

At home, we celebrated with cake and presents. She was so excited and incredibly tired by sundown. I don’t think she lasted past 6pm. It’s tiring turning three!

Birthday season, check! All five kiddos have been celebrated and it was onto holiday season after Maive, like Halloween the next day. No reprieve. It’s 2023 now. We’re now in gymnastics meet season—not only local meets, but travel meets. It. Never. Ends.

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