Saige is four! We celebrated the Pie on her birthday, the Monday after Blaise’s party. I’ve never been so happy to see four on a kiddo than with Saige. Four is my favorite age, and Saige really needed to turn four. She was a terror from about 18 months until recently. And I knew four would be the difference… but she was the easiest baby ever so there’s that.

My favorite thing about Saige is that she is the happiest kiddo alive. And her infectious smile is amazing. She lights up rooms. This kid, I’m super excited to see her blossom this year.

All she wanted to do at Legoland was drive the cars over and over, and that’s what she did… I think she went on them seven times in a row, and we still went back later in the day for her to drive some more. So for her birthday, we bought her one of those kiddo driving cars. It’s probably the most used gift we’ve ever bought for any of the kiddos. She loves the thing, and gets a crazed look on her face when she drives.

Bounce Party

Saige’s first birthday party with friends! She was on cloud nine. We had it at a local bounce house. To be super honest, I don’t remember much… I had what I thought was a migraine. Except it wasn’t. It was the start of pneumonia. But I know Saige had a blast, and it was a fun time.

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